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PGAA has received many comments about our site, rescue, adoption and pet information services since 1998. We thought it may be a good idea to share some of these. I hope you agree. All comments are retained on file.

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Hi PGAA Team,
You have one of the most comprehensive collections of pet resources, especially on your Pet Safety page,… Amanda at SM

Re-homing Pet Birds and Parrots:  Thank you so much for the information.  Libby in Kentucky

Financial Assistance for Canine Dental Problems.  Thank you for your help!   Peggy in Florida

Feral Kittens in Utah:  Hi Ron… someone from Best Friends in SLC contacted me yesterday and gave me a name n # of a gal in Linden, next door to Pleasant Grove.. I’ve been in contact with her and she has taken control of the situation and will keep me updated.. thank you so much for your help and responding. I didn’t realize u were in Fla. Carole Cole

Need a home for 2 Angelfish.  Thank you So much for the information. I will definitely check with these. You’ve been a great help.  Tina in South Carolina

Dog with paralyzed hind legs.  Hello Ron, Thank you very much for all the information. I live in Middletown, NJ. I’m going to reach out to a few of those organizations and see what they can do. I seriously cant thank you enough for your help. I have a PT session set for brutus on Tuesday.Thank you, Vincent

Looking for Help in Keeping two BT’s: Thank you for this information. I’m sure I will be able to find the help I need. 🙂 Becky in Texas

Taking Care of 10 Abandoned Puppies:  Thanks so much .. I got in touch with my vet she gave me a recipes for a formula that is lasting much longer and is a large amount .. Puppies are doing great right on schedule thanks so much for the info.  Sandy

Cockapoo with fluid in chest cavity:  Thank you for your help!  Truly appreciated!!!  Isaac

Care for an Injured Cat.  Thank you so much for getting back to me. This was in spam and i did not see till recently. I did get a call back from The Greater New Haven Cat Project. They  became Hopes guardian 👼 Angel. She had to have her front leg amputated. Cheryl who runs the place kept her during her recovery so she could administer pain meds. Over 1 month also had had her vaccinated and spayed. Not easy on anyone. They have gone above and beyond for all the ferals in the complex where i live. They are all volunteers. Thank you for the referal.

Niece Bought a Parvo Infected Puppy on Craig’s List:  Unfortunately, her sweet Lihla passed away the day I messaged you. She posted a warning on Craigslist to hopefully save others from going though what she went through. Thank you so much for responding!!!!

Helping Her Mother’s Cat:  Dear Ron,  Thank you so much for the excellent ideas.  I will start doing some research to see what we can do to find resources for her. I sincerely appreciate it.   Thanks, Tylene

Cat Needing Dental Surgery:  Hi, thank you for your response and taking the time to kinda direct me more in places to start looking! I really appreciate that, and its super helpful just to have the links to try to connect with someone who might be able to help! Thank you again Kristyn

Needs Financial Help for Vet Care:  I appreciate all the help I really do and that someone actually cares and tries to help thank you for your service by the way God bless you.  Andie in Minnesota
Dog Hit By Car in Cleveland:  Thank you for your help! believe it or not your the only one out of dozens that replied. its nice to know someone cares.  Tonya
Missing Maltese in Ohio: Many thanks for all your help. We are desperate  to find Elizabeth. Warmest regards Marie
Needing Help to Finalize an Adoption.  Hi Ron, Thank you for your reply. Just an hour ago they made contact. They said my application got overlooked. Good news is the dog I was interested in is still available. We are meeting Fri for a meet and greet. Excited to meet the little guy.
Thanks again for your help. Owen O’Neill
Financial Aid for a Major Operation for a Siamese cat  Ron,This is very helpful! Thanks so much! I will let you know how it goes. I really appreciate your time sharing this info and responding so quickly. Jen
Looking for Financial Help for Injured Service Dog:  This is all very helpful and thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I will look into some of these options. I am currently out of the Boston area but moved from Colorado.  Thanks again! Lisa

Linking to Vaping Dangers:  Ron, Thank you very much for your support! It means a lot to me that we can support this cause together!  Anna

Seeking help for GDS with Pannus:  Hi thank you very much for all the information it means the world to me !!!! My zip is 92139

Looking For Temporary Fostering: Ron,  Thank you very much for your time! I will pass along this info and hope for the best. Have a nice weekend!  Kelly

Valuable Info.  Got some valuable information on your blog. Keep up the good work.
John Howes. Petcareup

Looking to help euthanize her elderly dog.  It all worked out today. Miss Annie’s doggie was gently euthanized at the HSUS of Tampa Bay.  They said they would not let her suffer and would take any donation they had in their pockets. Money was no issue.Thank you so much for your guidance and support of our fur babies, and I am sure much more!Jennifer Yunker Gilliam

One more fur baby angel up there today😇🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾
Trying to Find A Certain Rescue Person.  Hi Ron, Thank you so much for all the information you were able to find. I found the place I was looking for – it is Rocky Ridge Refuge, in Mountain Home (I believe) and run by a woman named Janice. She is one of those people we all wish we could be – able to rescue and help so many sweet animals, who never did any harm to anyone. I really appreciate your assistance!Kindest regards,  Mary
Trying To Find Homes for 4 Dogs. Thank you for all this valuable input.  Just knowing that they are going to not understand why they are no longer with me is hard enough to think about. I will take all of your guidance in my search. Sincerely, Christine

Aid Contacts for Dog Care  Thank you so much for taking time to provided me to contact different sites. I will try from very first one “Pet Chance”. Thank you again. Molly Cotta

Financial Aid   Yes i used my Care Credit to make a partial payment on my niece’s dogs that bill. It was enough so she could take her dog home last night.  The rest is what im hoping they can raise by gofundme and from the programs you gave me.   Thanks again for the helpful info.  Joyce

Aid for vet treatment I thank you for your time and responding to my email with the resourses you have enclosed.  God Bless You ! Diana in LANDERS CA

Response to PGAA Financial Help Dear all of my dog friends, I am sending this wonderful list to you for future reference. Ron, you were so kind to send this to me. I support many animal orgs so they should all have this list. The service dog already had the surgery but it was an emergency procedure so there was little time to plan. My friend does have some pet insurance and others are working it to see if the cost might be mitigated. In these troubled times, I am so appreciative to see how many responded to my plea for assistance. kitty, I am still reaching out but I can make some of these calls if other attempts do. It pan out. Ron, pls send me some info on your organization and I will see if I can scrounge up a few dineros! Thanks all. elizabeth

Endorsement  Ron:  Glad you found the suggestion useful!  And I’m a big fan of the Pet Guardian Angels of America site! My friend is the one who introduced me to the site, and I’ve found all the resources and information you have available so useful since becoming a dog mom. Thanks for putting together such a great site 🙂 Lauren Holton

Provided Financial Info for Parvo Treatment  I just want to give you thanks to responding back I greatly appreciate it and so does my son , thank you for all the helpful information God bless you and everyone. Much love  Webster family

Rescue Postings Thank you so much for putting a great site like this together to help save so many innocent and sweet souls. You’re wonderful!!

Visitor’s “happiness” Happy Monday! I thoroughly enjoy reading the articles you post. Wether its “How To Care For A Senior Cat” or “Helping To Fight Depression” it always seems like you guys have all the right answers when it comes to caring for furry friends! Christina from Bloomwell

Disabled person needs neutering help for male kitten.  Awesome, thank you tons!!   I will use the resources you given me, I’m certain I will get some further direction with the list you have provided…  David in Texas

Trying to find a rescue group to save a homeless Chow Thank you very much for the information. I contacted a few of these listed in your email this morning. If all else fails my Dad and I will meet halfway and I will try to get her hooked up with rescue groups I personally have dealt with in SC. I would never use Craigslist! Thanks again!! Lesley in South Carolina

First Time Visitor:  Visited your fine site for the first time today, won’t be the last.  Love the doggie “lineup” at the top.  Irene Howcroft

Looking for help treating a rescued snake  Thank you SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! Bless your heart!.  Chelsey and “Spike” in Florida

Bird Watching. My name is Erica Jacobs, I am from Portland Oregon, and I just wanted to shoot you a quick note telling you how much myself and my family enjoyed your page.Thanks again so much for the great information, and providing my kids with with a great creative outlet for the summer. Hopefully we’ve found a beneficial lifelong hobby for them, and I really appreciate the help your webpage provided.

Looking for a Phoenix rescue to join Thank you so much….also, thanks for the work tall do…good blessings… Deborah

Looking for help to get shots for cats. Thank you and God Bless you,for all the information. Henderson Alexander

Hi Ron, Thank you so much for liking and sharing our page. I did like it as well. Looks like you have a good thing going there. James Mills

Hi Ron I have been on your page for a good while now and love your content. Thanks for the reminder to pass you on to my friends♡ have a wonderful Memorial Weekend and thank you for serving our country! Keely’s World Facebook

Ron liked you month’s ago. Your a Wonderful group. I’m very proud to be a part of it. Your all Awesome!!  Kari Powell

Helped find an adoptable Chihuahua for her brother Ron: WOW! Thank you so much for all of this very educational valuable info. I will read & also pass on to my brother for educating him as well. In the present future I will be one of your biggest fans promoters for support for your organiztion. Thank you again for your support guidance. Merry Christmas God Bless you all that support protect our furry family member’s . Mindi

Hi Ron, I liked and shared your page. Thank you for this great service you are providing for responsible pet guardians. Facebook: What’s New With Mr. Mcgoo

From Facebook: TY PGAA! Spreading the word. Thank you for what you do, and being part of this passion, we, the dog rescuers share. Facebook at

Research Help:  Your site was so awesome!  I was able to find so much for my research.  I actually help run a cost-helping database called howmuchisit(.org).  If you want to see my work, I just finished a cat breed guide.  You can look at it here:  I basically wrote about every cat and the costs.  On each page, buyers can talk about where they live and what they paid.  If you find it helpful, I’d love to see it mentioned
Sick Dog in New Jersey.  Thank you for trying to help and checking with me. There sure aren’t many people that care unless it effects them. It’s so refreshing to find ones that do take care.  Danielle

Rescue and Adoption:  We all know pet adoption is the socially responsible thing to do and the inspiring work being done by groups like yours is removing the stigma associated with shelter and rescued animals. I truly admire the dedication to ensuring our furry friends are given a fighting chance.  I hope you have a very successful Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month all October long!  Kaylee White

From Facebook:  Thank you so very much for supporting our cause/mission! We put your page on our facebook page, and thank you for all you do as well for all the animals.. Your support is appreciated…..  CompanionAnimalSanctuary

From Facebook:  Hi there. Ty for liking Bailey’s page. I had already liked the Pet Guardian page but I sure hadn’t really looked at it. Didn’t realize what all info there was there. And, for some reason, I had it in my head that you are a “pit bull advocate.” (don’t know why) Looks like you probably stay very busy w/ the Pet Guardian Page. Patti Florida

From Facebook Regarding the PGAA website:  Ron thank you so much I will absolutely forward this information it’s a wonderful site have a wonderful weekend.  Seaside-Petsitting

From Facebook:  I want to thank you and let everyone know what a God send of a person you are. There aren’t very many people out there that does the work and take the time to help God’s animals . I am really appreciate of what you do.

Vickie Gail Lyall

From Facebook:   Thanks Ron! Love what you do, website is great! I’m holding a big fundraiser but when I get done I’ll post your site and info on both my pages.  Crafty Paws Creations

PGAA Supporter:  I follow you guys and I think your awesome. Thank you for looking out page. I will pass on all info to our group and page.. Thanks again. And thank you for all the lives you save.  Laurie.

PGAA Supporter:  My name is Wesley and I am a huge supporter of PGAA. The work your organization does to help animals and find them safe homes is truly admirable and I wish the compassion you demonstrate was more widespread in this world. Wesley,

From Facebook:  Wow good for you! That’s great Ron ! Great website and ideas behind it ! DoggieStyleTV

From Facebook:  I also checked out your website. Interesting to find out that there is actually financial aid for emergency vet bills. I will keep this info handy so I can share if someone I know unfortunately finds themselves in financial need to care for a pet.  Take care and have a wonderful day!  Renee T & R Australian Shepherds

From Facebook:  hi Ron, what a wonderful wonderful page you have. yes yes, will definately spread the word on our page and also my reg progile page. love all the important info you have on there. thank you so much for what you are doing, will talk more. just got home.

From Facebook:  I will be happy to share you name and link with my groups. We are a global network with 100+ groups around the world. Hope we can get you some good contacts through circulating your info.

From Facebook:  I love your website! I went to your facebook page and liked it as myself and as my page. Thank you for your like and I look forward to sharing your posts.

From Facebook:  Ron, thanks for the note! What a great site you manage with Pet Guardian Angels of America! You can rest assured that I will inform everyone about this resource!!  Cordula Maring

From Facebook:  Secondly, thank you for all that you do for animals through your Pet Guardian Angels of America organization. All of the SAEN staff live with companion animals, so we will definitely check out your page and website.  SAEN – Stop Animal Exploitation Now

From Facebook:  Hi Ron ~ I just visited your Facebook page, liked, commented and shared a link on OUR page. Thank you for your work in educating the public and assisting nonhuman and human animals in their interactions/relationships one-to-another. MANY Blessings! ~ Gerean, Admin., The Animal Spirits

Bunny in Trouble:  Thank you so much Ron…I have contacted and sent emails to everyone on the list you provided me. Hopefully if they can’t help me, they could tell me where to go next.  I appreciate your help and fingers crossed. Licorice is a fighter and seems to be getting a little stronger everyday. We are trying to keep him as comfortable as we can and hopefully with some help, he will be around for many, many more years.

Thank you so very much and for not judging and understanding the desperate situation we are in. You have been more help then the DPW. Sincerely…Carrie

Thanks so much for your information. Rabbit wranglers is going to pay his vet bills and he has an appointment tomorrow. Thanks again. Carrie

From Linkedin:  PGAA is truly a “pet guardian angel” in every sense of the words. I look forward to pursuing your website and spreading the word about your worthy cause. Carolyn Henderson

Reported some rescued URL errors: Ron-  Thanks so much for your prompt responses. That makes a great impression. I apologize for coming across curt and thank you for the corrected sites. I hope you have a great week, Nick

From Facebook:  Wow this is fantastic.  Melissa

From Linkedin:  Hi Ron!  Thanks so much for this amazing network! I will definitely be using it!   wendy

From Facebook:   There is an amazing amount of information and resources!! I really appreciate your sharing with me. Thanks and Blessings!!!   Healthy kitty bather

From Facebook:  Hi Ron! It is so lovely to be fb friends with another wonderful rescue warrior! Thank you for making a difference in the lives of innocent animals ♥ God bless you ♥, Beverly

From Facebook:  Spent some time on your site the other day. Some GREAT resources! I would like more time to look through it. Facebook:

Linkedin Comments:  Thank you so much, Ron! I just shared this on LinkedIn, on my FB page (How Dogs Help Kids Read and Succeed) and on my Twitter feed @LoriFriesen_PhD,  Thanks for the great work you do 🙂 Lori

Looking For Info on Blind Dogs: Thank You Ron For Your Help With My Missy She Gets Around Great Being Blind Just Was Hoping I Could Get Her Some Toys She Is A Great Friend And I Would Never Give Her Up I Would Send You A Picture If I Could She Is One Great Friend Thank You Gale

Linkedin Comments:  Many Thanks Ron.   I will promote your page on my own as it’s such a worthy cause.   Joanna in London

Linkedin Comment: I am so glad to see your organization. I feel it meets lots of pet owners needs. Vikki in Florida

Linkedin Comment:  Your site is beautiful! It is so thorough. Every pet owner should be aware of it because of all the important information it has. I will definitely spread the word about it.  Thank you, Jo Ann

Facebook Comment:  Your Site Rocks!  Julie in Houston.

Linkedin Comment:  Amazing website. I have you in my favorite blogs & websites page under resources. I am adding some more helpful links to my website.  Janie Lerner

Linkedin Comment:   Hi Ron,  Thanks for the work you do. Very informative.  Sally, Animal Advocate

Facebook Posting Regarding PGAA FB Post  I don’t know who you got my name or how u knew exactly what info I unneeded from losing my 8, month old pup and almost losing two others but God Bless you! U provided me with all the info I need you must be an angel!! Thank you so very much.  Tammy Renee

Enjoyed their visit to We went on over and liked your page! Thank you for sharing it with us! We think your mission is a great one. Keep up the amazing work! Raven (the human) and Taylor, The Three Legger (the tripod)

Looking for a home for 2 Chihuahuas in California.  Thank you for the leads! They are much appreciated. I hope to find them a safe place.  I’ll let you know if I need more if none of these work out.   God Bless.Kristine

Re-posting of Applicable Blogs.  Absolutely, I would love to have you re-post any blogs you would like. Your Pet-Guardian-Angels-of-America is a wonderful contribution to helping all animals find and stay in loving and forever homes. Thank you for all you do.   Susan Lyman, President
Tails Untold Personalized Pet Books

Homeless Vet Looking for Veterinarian Help for an Injured Dog Thank you for this wealth of information. I really appreciate it. J in New Mexico.

Looking for Low Cost Spay/Neuter Services in Florida.  Oh my gosh,U were the person I’d hope to have on my staff. U didn’t have to reply but THANK YOU!!!!  You really don’t know how happy I was to read your email !   Kathy.

From A Dog Trainer:   Hi Ron,  Your site is very impressive. I just read about 10 articles regarding Canine Behaviors – what a great and educational tool! I look forward to visiting your site again soon.  Best,  Lisa

Aggressive Pit Bull. Thank you so much! We are willing to try anything! Stacy, Greensboro NC

The Healthy Pet Network  We have known about Pet Guardian Angels of America for several years. In fact, we have had a link to your website for quite some time.  THANK YOU for all you do for the animals  Terry & Michael Goldman, Healthy Pet Network

Looking for Financial Help for Teacup Chihuahua with broken leg.  “Please, Please, If in anyway can anyone help me pay for a little more time with Chopper. I need him right now. Also thank you so much for all the help you provide for pets and there family’s.”  Indi

Listing.  Ron, I just clicked on your link and saw the “free listing” for Generation Pets.  I am so grateful.  We just launched our new site yesterday afternoon, it was very exciting because we have been without a website for the past several months.  Now everything is back on track and your free listing is just an added bonus, Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you in the future.  I am Adena’s new Administrator, my name is Deborah and I joined the company in July of this year. I am very excited starting this journey with Generation Pets.  Email me anytime if you need anything. Thanks Again. Deborah P.Administrator (new Jersey)


Finding a Lakeland Terrier Breeder.  Ron, Thank you so much for the information. I really appreciate your feedback.   I reached out to Judi who has a puppy available.  I’m trying to coordinate with her to meet the pup this Sunday.  gio

Rescue Listings:  Awesome.. Thanks for the info.. Will check out your website later today. And thanks for all that you do to help the furkids in need.. Ellona (Lousiana)

 Facebook Comment:  You all are amazing…such a wealth of wisdom and fun! Thanks for helping our animal friends!  Critter Carriage Transport

Rescue Listing.  Alley Cat Rescue, Inc. would like to be added to your Maryland Rescue Listing. How can we go about being added? Thanks for this great service and for all that you do!  Denise at Alley Cat Rescue in Mt. Rainier, MD

Rescue Listing.  Thank you so much Ron. You all are amazing for helping our fur friends. I will definitely spread the word and feel free to post on my Facebook timeline anytime!  Thanks again, Stacy in North Carolina

Necessary Re-homing.  I will be surrendering Pancho and Daniel to the shelter where I got them from 3 ½ years ago. Despite everyone’s support and encouragement, -my sincerest gratitude to all- I could not find a home for them on my own so I will return them to the shelter. This is a no-kill shelter and they promise to try their best to place them together.
I will miss them very much they have been a source of joy, my constant companions and a source of comfort through the worst and saddest period of my life.
I pledge to donate $500 to the Bergen County Animal Shelter and other rescue shelters including yours in large part because this search has shown me how immense is the problem of rescue animals and the devotion of the many workers and especially the volunteers who work tirelessly to shelter and foster these animals.Thank you so much

Animal Abuse Advice. Thank you for your help and the contact information! I appreciate it greatly!  Bonnie

Mobility Services  I will give your website info to my site guy so he can put you on our links page also.  Thanks again for including us on your really cool site! Laurie at DogsToGo

Good luck with everything you do for the love of animals. Dominique

Just A Kudo.  Good Morning Ron! Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for taking the time to like our Facebook page and to tell you your website is fantastic!. We will keep in touch, Amanda from Facebook Twin Cities Cellar Dwellers

From A Fellow Blogger: My overriding belief is that we are all in this together.  One of my dreams when I started Tampa Bay Pets Online is that it will help others around the country to do the same in their areas. I have been blogging in the pet niche for years and it is large, but I sometimes think we are just preaching to the choir, and not really reaching the thousands of people who have pets and don’t blog. That’s what makes sites like your so special. Jodi at Tampa Bay Pets Online

Return PGAA Visitor:  I’ve been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this site.  Thank you, I’ll try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your site?

Searching for a Breeder Referral Thank you for your response and thoughtful words…My dog (dalmatian) passed away at 17 years when the boys where a year old…I waited till the boys were old enough to train how to handle a dog…And I had sufficient energy to care for a puppy…Saying this to assure you that I understand the demands of a new puppy…I truly appreciate you looking out for our four legged friends, they are indeed man’s best friend! Karen in New York

Seeking advice about a rescue/shelter.  Thanks Ron for taking the time to get me such a well thought out reply….My wife and I will take your words to heart and decide how to proceed….  Wayne, Franklin, WI    

Trying to save a dog that was “willed” to die in dead owner’s will Subject: Fw: Reprieve at death’s door: Sandy the dog to live Thank you so much for your help in this matter/ We have been able to stall the process until tommorrow. Connie in South Dakota

I am greatful for your contacts. I will hope for the best. Thanks for all you do to make this world a better place for pets. Paul from in Virginia

Hello Ron, Thank you for the invitation. Your site is very informative, lots of resources! Carole Kelly, Bark at the Park, Lancaster, CA

Trying to find a new home for her King Snake in Arizona Thank you so much for your time and help. I will look into your recommendations.

Trying to find homes for feral cats/kittens Thank you so much. You have a kind heart. I wish I could keep them. I’m afraid to disclose how many I already have. You truly are guardian angels! God bless you for all that you do! JCats form Pennsylvania I found your site very informative and must, must look at it a lot more to absorb the vast amount of data offered. Gloria Yarina. Pet Photographer at

Proivded breeder and adoption options for getting an American Foxhound. Thank you! I will definitely take your advice.

Peggy Trying to find a rescue for a Bullmastiff in N.J. Well this is a lot of information thanks for all your help I really do appreciate it…Robyn

Looking for information on S&R dogs Thanks very much, Ron, for taking the time. This is all good information. All the very best!

Ron, Thank you so much for your kind response and for including Mary’s suggestion in your page!! And thanks again for your very helpful website 🙂 Take Care, Susan Hi there! We are in the process of moving soon and with children and pets, it can be quite the challenging task. I was looking for some tips for moving with pets and came across your helpful page ( Your links brought me to some really good information about car tips and more – thanks! My one daughter, Mary, is the biggest pet lover I know. While I was using your page to try to explain to her how we were going to transport our dog and make it easier she decided to do some of her own research. During her search she came across this article ( When she showed it to me I found it to be very useful and convenient because there’s a bunch of resources all in one place! She wanted me to share it with you as a thank you and thought it would make a great addition to your page under “travel”. Would you mind including it? I think other pet owners could learn a lot from it as well. Let me know if you get a chance to add it – she will be thrilled 🙂 Thanks, Susan (and Mary)

Trying to arrange transport for a rescued JTR Oh wow! Thank you! I will try that way, with Operation Roger or the transport Boys! I never knew there were such services! How great they all are! And for such a good cause! Thank you very much! You’ve gone above and beyond! Lisa D.

Looking for a NYC rescue to take her rooster. Tamela just called. Taking him there Friday! Thank you so much – you really are the best!! I love your website, thank you!, Yvonne. From Linkedin Hi there, You have a wonderful site and a wonderful service. I’m curious if you happen to know of any similar site/organization in Canada, specifically British Columbia (Vancouver Island)? If not, no worries. On behalf of fur-parents everywhere, thank you. Sarah Thank YOU for your friendship, Ron. I just checked your page and I like it very much! I also shared the PGAA web page… They are all animal lovers and I’m sure you’ll find some people that know of rescue groups that might be of help. susanne.vieira.7

Trying to find a Cornish Rex breeder Thank you so much for the information. I had such a great cat before that I really wanted to research a breeder. I hope that you have a great day and again, I appreciate the information. Colleen

Looking for financial help in treating her dog’s eye problems. Hi Ron, thanks again. They contacted me already but I think we have to bring Dante first to an eye doctor so we know what procedure they will do and how much it cost and in that way they can call the Clinic to verify because that’s one of their requirements. Thanks again for your kind heart. I hope can save more animals. God Bless! Marilou I have visited your website and it is a great informational resource! I like the valuable information I learned form visiting your site. While browsing your website. Hannah Ockelmann Foto Search Stock Photography Ron, You are awesome! Thanks, Peggy at Chicago Pet Show

Looking for verification of a breeder and for breeder referrals for a Havanese Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! –carla

Checking out a Rescue Thank you very much for your prompt and very thoughtful reply. I’m relieved that you have no derogatory infortmation to pass on about Pet Rescue Alliance. I also agree that I would certainly want to meet any dog first before considering adopting him or her. I am inquiring about dogs for adoption from several organizations. If I pursue Pet Rescue Alliance of Alexandria, VA, far enough to obtain additional information that I think would be of interest, I will pass it on to you. I like your website and think it has much interesting information. Thank you again for your help. Sincerely, Bette

Looking for a dog for her daughter. Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare this for me. It is very helpful. Sheila, Nova Scotia

Searching for help with adoption home visits thanks ron… we are actually covered in both cities… was amazed at the response to my little email! lol i appreciate your suggestions and i will store these away for future reference! thanks again jay

Looking for financial help for a 10 year old cat named Oreo having health problems Thank you so much!!!!! I really appreciate your kindness and all of your help! Oreo appreciates it too! 🙂 Take Good Care, Christy

Pet Health Feedback Thank you so much for reaching out—-He didn’t need a blood transfusion after all—that was the first vet’s opinion. X-rays were given—he has an enlarged heart. He was given diuretics and actually peed in my bed last night. He’s actually back to normal for the most part—coughing (like a smoker’s cough). Thanks so much—I’m looking into pet insurance. Eunice, Glenwood, IL

Needed help for shots and neutering. Thank you so much for your help in our time of need. It is greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Anthony and Amy

Looking for help on a adoption home visit. Thank you! I’ve had 2 replies so I think we’re covered. Thanks very much! Donna St. Mary’s Animal Welfare League

Looking for verification of a shelter as a No-Kill rescue. I also want to thank YOU for your fine and very professional follow-through on my query. Very kind of you. Rita

Adoption Advice Thank you so much Ron. This is a great resource for people to find a pet. I wish there were more laws to put the back yard breeders that sell online out of business! I always try to tell people that shelters and rescues are not bad, they evaluate the animals, vet them, socialize them, and some are fostered in private homes. You are able to meet the animals and the shelters and rescues do their due diligence to make sure pets go to a good home. Janine. Friends of Homeless Animals Volunteer Website kudos Hello, I really enjoyed going through your website. It has a lot of great information and links for birds and bird lovers. Sincerely, Ernie

Unsuspectingly adopted a puppy with Parvo from a rescue and wanted advice. Thank you so much for all you’ve informed me about, and for your kind listening ear! I think we may be blessed with this puppy recovering!! Maureen Carter is a little too agressive for his current family Ron, Thank you so much for the quick reply. I used the PGAA site and found a sanctuary called Rikki’s Refuge in Virginia that will be able to take Carter in this Spring. I can keep him in our basement/garage until then and ensure he is well cared for. Again, thank you for your help. Carter and I really appreciate it! Jess

Help in finding books and information about the Norweign Buhund Wow-thanks so much for the help! Alison

A large St. Bernard/Collie mix on verge of euthanasia because of compatibility issues with dogs. Hi Ron. I know it hasn’t been that long, but thought I’d update you on Junior. We converted two outside horse stalls and added a fence/gate to give Junior a nice large dog run. He now lives in a “doggy hotel” and LOVES IT. turns out he doesn’t like even our other dogs, was probably miserable having to deal with them, lots of growling especially around me, but never an attack like with the neighbors dog. He is happy, loves his “living room”, has toys and attention, and even a 50 foot dog lead so he can run. I’ve made it a point to sit down in his den with him every day, he lays there and loves being loved, just him with no distractions. So I want to thank you for chatting with me, had we not connected my actions may have been different and I may have had deep regrets later. So thank you so much, I think we have found the right solution. Lynn in Indiana

Elderly gentleman searching for an adoptable companion. Dear Ron, Wanted to let you know that I have adopted a 2-year old Border Collie Mix female pup from the Lufkin, Texas Dog Shelter. I found the pup through one of the link’s you sent. Emailed the people at the shelter and they sent me several pictures of the dog. Made arrangements for the Foster Family to have her at the Shelter when I would arrive, and everything worked out swell… Brought the young dog home with me, and she is just what I was looking for! I want to thank you for your splendid support helping me locate this dog, and your efforts were truly appreciated, “Thanks!” Jack in Texas.

Looking for an Appenzeller to adopt. Thank you very much for the information! These are some great dogs and fit what we are looking for, especially zz. I missy running partner!!

Renae Nebraska Inspection Act I found your web site today and commend you for the work you are doing. As someone who has worked with Nebrask’s Commercial Dog & Cat Operator Inspection Act for the past 10 year, I also appreciated the message on your web site regarding licensing requirements to operate in our state. Joanne Komenda, Nebraska Department of Agriculture

Looking for advice on a Kai Ken and possible rescue group Hi Ron, Thanks so much for the info, I really appreciate it. I was able to network with a breeder in New Mexico who also does rescue. She was able to take her in. Thanks again! Carrie from Arizona

Searching for a rescue to take a Shepherd mix in Georgia. Thanks Ron. Your one of the few who are responding to my call for help. I seem to be hitting brick walls.

Looking for a home in NY for a Plott Hound puppy Ron, thank you so much for your thoughtful, timely and complete answer. I will pass this info on to my neighbor. I really want to help him, since he is trying to be a responsible. Thanks for all you do, judy

Looking for help with pest control that wouldn’t harm her domestic birds Thank you, I appreciate the timely response and the help. Susan

Rescue Help Thank you. I just finally recieved a call from the local rescue about Samson. Thanks for the links and info. Much appreciated. Pamela

Searching for someone to take a Beagle currently held in a kill shelter in Indiana Thank you so much. I will pray that someone can take her. Appreicate all your help. Website Kudos Hi there, I came across your site which I think is a great resource for pet lovers, I particularly found the section about finding the dog breed that fits your lifestyle and home helpful. Rosie in Canada Website Kudos I would be delighted and honoured for you to include Holly’s story on your website – what a great cause, and if I can help other owners going through a similar thing, then it makes Holly’s suffering mean something. I wish you lots of success in your mission, you are doing such a fantastic job. If I can help supply any other information, then please don’t hesitate. Marie

Looking to find an Aussie a home in Arizona Good evening Ron. thank you for your words. I have talked to the owner yesterday and a new home has been found I am happy to say I am praying that this home is going to be his last loving and caring home that he will have to be in. Thank you once again. Becky

Looking for help in rehoming a Blind Cocker in California god bless and thank you for the information. Marie

Trying to find a ferret rescue in the Charlotte area Thank you for doing what you have done and continue to do for those animals who can’t do for themselves. Have a great weekend! Jason

Searching for financial assistance for Cocker Spaniel with hip dysplasia Ron, Thank you so much for the information. I will continue my research/investigation on finding some assistance with the cost of her surgery. Thank you again! Leane

Searching for a rescue to take a Lab in California I spoke with Leslie Hunt of Comp Animals this morning ( – found listed on your website). This organization can take Rex in as early as tomorrow and has committed to finding him a loving home, with a guarantee that he will not be euthanized because of our error in handling him. Second e-mail: Thanks, Ron. This is such an unfortunate situation but I am optimistic about the solution here. If it weren’t for the children, we would be keeping Rex. Hoping he finds a good home with Comp Animals and feel some relief that he will not be euthanized because of our mistake handling him. All the best and thank you for guidance, Samantha

Link Exchange I’d be happy to exchange links with you. What a wonderful service! Dr Jill, California Hello: I saw your website; it is really nice. Thank you for loving God’s creatures so much; we do too!!! Do you know of any suggestions on how to get a few of our cats to quit fighting? Thank you. Nancy Website Kudos I really love your cat webpage! Lots of great information and I will be sure to be back regularly. I was wondering if I might be able to link to your page? I have a huge amount of feline fans that visit my cat page and I think they would love to see your site also. You are welcome to link to my Cat page also if you like it.

Searching for Siberian cat breeders in Maryland/DC area Thanks Ron for this incredibly helpful and thoughtful information! We’ll let you know how it goes and look forward to it. Larry and Celia

Providing assistance in validating a Wyoming rescue group for a California rescue. Ron, Thank you for taking the time to look into Pound Puppies and give us this invaluable advice on rescue checks…. Thanks again Ron, for your assistance and the great work you do for animals. Lily

Searching initially for a Lakeland Terrier and now for a Miniature Schnauzer on the Atlantic Coast.Ron, Thanks so much for your continuing guidance and help. I use your advice and connections. I found 5 breeders of this breed in MD. All sound good. I’m going to visit two of them. They also require meeting the parents before agreeing to any sell. Same here. I am in contact with these two. You’ve done me a world of good. Thank you Ron for devoting so much of your time for me. Sincerely, Chris

Breeder Information My name is Stacey and I came across your site while researching tips for identifying a responsible dog breeder. First let me say I admire the work you are doing and your site is a great resource for all that are looking to bring a new pet into their home. Stace in Charlotte NC

Looking to rehome a Maltese in New York Ron, thank you very much for all of the information regarding the adoption of dogs. Fortunately, I was able to find a family that I am familiar with who adopted my Maltese from me directly. My mind is at ease knowing she will be loved by this family. Thank you again, and I’ll save the information you sent for others who may find they need adoption services. Candee

Florida lady trying to find a rescue to take her aggressive male rabbit. Thank you very very much, you are real angel for animals!!!! God bless you…..Analia

Lost track of the location of an adoption in Wisconsin Found her, thanks! Really appreciate your fast response tho! Pam

A bad experience with a Washington rescue group. Thank you for your reply, I was not expecting to hear from anyone but am happy that I did. Thanks again Ron and thank you for having an informative website. Vicki

Lost a pup to Parvo and is worried about his 2 other dogs. Thank you for your time, and thank you for you web page. I only wish I had seen it prior to buying the pup. Dave Website Kudos I wanted to send out a quick thank you letter in regards to your page – ( I work at a dog grooming/dog day care facility and your resources have been very helpful. Kelly

A Washington State woman trying to adopt an Irish Wolfhound mix Ron, Thank you for the kindness of your reply once again. I have also contacted the IWH clubs and some one emailed me back which I appreciated. Thank you for your support and advice. There is a dog out there for us. If I can ever be of help to you or your group please just ask. Sincerely, Ellen

Added a new Texas rescue to the PGAA State Rescue Listings http/ Ron, Thank you so much for doing that so fast!!!! You ROCK!! I will see what we can do about links as your website is an awesome resource. I am probably going to add in a links page very soon and will try to put your link in with the format you’ve designated, though we are using a wysiwyg so it is a bit tricky putting real html in there. I am new at this but will do my best! Have a great day!! -Ashley

Someone trying to find a home for a Goldendoodle HI,Thank you so much! I received a call this morning that the pup was purchased by a family friend–so all’s well. I appreciate your response very much and will forward your information should they have more issues. Kind Regards, Debbie And thank you for all you do!

Helping a rescue group looking for an Illinois rescue that could perform a home visit thank you so much for your help! i went to the link and found someone to help!! -samantha

Looking for help with a dog with Addison’s disease Thanks Ron, I appreciate the suggestions and prompt response. Your site is a valuable resource I’m sure it helps many more people than those who actually contact you. I wish you all the best, Tom

Trying to arrange for the release of a Pit Bull from a Ft Worth rescue Thank you so much Ron you are the only one that has answered me and for that I am greatful. Thank you Cat

Trying to find a home for a Tortico cat in South Carolina Ron–you are a wonderful person, trying so hard to help. 🙂 Mari

Wanted help to validate a rescue group in South Carolina Thank you so much for your information. It is very helpful and I will follow it before I adopt. I really appreciate you taking time to send me all the info. Blessings, Sharon

Trying to get her dog from NC to CA Ron, OperationRoger is picking up my dog “Roxie” tomorrow. Thanks so much for the information. I’m so extremely excited and tomorrow is my brithday so it’s the best present I could have imagined. Thanks again. God bless, Dayna

Searching for a Scent Hound in Washington State Ron. I thought I was an expert on searches, but you’ve taken the prize. Maybelline was the only hound I found. joan and jess

Breeder Listing Thanks very much. Excellent service. Everything looks great. Lana

In Southwest Florida – Looking for a rescue to take a 5 year old Poodle with epilepsy Thank you, Gulfcoast Poodle Rescue in Naples is picking Cognac up today, we met last night and signed the forms and he will be in the best hands! Thank you for your response, Valerie

Looking for a rescue in California to take an abandoned Pitbull This is such valuable information. Thank you so much Ron!

From DogTime Media Hi Ron, Thanks for sending her a link to DogTime, we really appreciate it. What PGAA does is great work and I’m happy to have you as publisher Ron. Thanks! Chelsey

Trying to find the right dog breed for her lifestyle and the right dog. From Several E-mails: Thank you Ron for the quick response. I’m glad I got you again because you are so thorough in your explanations….I can’t wait to go back to your website and read all of the good information on different breeds….Thank you! This helps tremendously. You are a great resources and representative for your organization!

Looking for a home for a special needs Rottie puppy Ron, You are an angel!!! I do transport, but am relatively new at the rescue part. I really appreciate all your help – and so do Dozer and his foster mom.

Looking for a PWD breeder referral Hi, Ron: Thank you for your prompt reply and for all of this great information. I live in Glenview, IL 60025. I will contact Meg today. In case this may help, I have a fenced in yard and two kids, ages 7 and nearly 5. I have no experience with PWDs , but we had a golden for 15 yrs. Thank you again for your kindness. Nicole

Asking for advice on reporting an unethical breeder in Mississippi Ron, I think you’re the angel I have been looking to help watch over these sick puppies. You have connections I never knew existed. I always spayed our dogs, if they were not already fixed coming from animal rescues. What a blessing you’ve been to me. I was running out of options and along you came. Thank-you! With my sincere gratitude, Nicole

Seeking information about Bo the U.S. “First Dog” Dear Ron, Thank you so much for the information on Bo. I really appreciate all the additional information you provided as well concerning reputable breeders. Living in Hawaii presents many challenges when it comes to purchasing a dog. There are no local PWD breeders that I’m aware of, so we would be forced to look on the mainland. Visiting breeders would be quite costly, so I was wondering if perhaps you were aware of any reputable breeders? I would never buy from the internet without a visit to the site of course and, as your information pointed out, anyone could post any kind of pictures, only to end up being a horrible puppy mill behind the scenes.

Seeking financial aid for vet bills for a Dachshund puppy Thank you Ron, for your help in pointing me in the right direction. I’m sure that in time the loss of little CoCo, will be seen as just one of many bad days in the life experiences my little girls that they will have to overcome the sadness, and remember the good parts. But she will not be soon forgotten. I wish I was capable of donating to your organization so you’re capable of directing people like me to the right resources. Jason

Looking for a PWD breeder. Ron, Thank you for your reply and all of the research and effort that went into it. I never expected to receive such a detailed analysis. It will definitely be our primary resource as we review options and determine where we go from here. As I mentioned in our original email, we still haven’t made the final decision to adopt. However, If we do so I can assure you that the dog will receive the best of care, love, and affection. We do not take the responsibility lightly. I will keep you informed of any progress that we make in this matter. Again, thank you so much. Sincerely, Jerry

Looking for a home for a Plott Hound in Texas. Dear Ron, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time in getting this information for me. The below leads have definitely helped. Next step is getting Delilah into a place that is right for her. Thank You Again, Samantha

From Dawn in Florida looking to adopt a ferret. Ron, You are so sweet! You are right and maybe I was over re-acting. Wish it was easier to rescue an animal vs. paying for one at the pet store. I will try to negotiate transportation. Thanks for taking the time in helping me navigate an adoption. Dawn

Toxic plants Dear PGAA, I really appreciate your collection of resources on the website, I became interested in toxic plants after I was assigned a research project in the field. From that research, we ended up publishing a great article here:, that covers all areas of toxic plants. I also came across your site and thought I might pass this link on to you as a thank you for you wonderful resources. I know this article would be a great addition to your information, and I’m sure that it could help many of your users. Let me know what you think! Best Wishes, Debbie

Looking for an addoptable dog Ron, Thank you so much for the info. I have thought of fostering and will check out your links. I sent my message to a local non-profit and had such an upsetting response… so again, thank you for not judging me and just trying to provide helpful information I requested. 🙂

A dog transport company in Ohio looking for a home for an English Coonhound Greetings Ron: Thank you so much for all the wonderful information that you provided and I will certainly check through all the websites below. I greatly appreciate your feedback! Cheers, Cathi

From a lady in Canada looking for a Pomeranian breeder Thank you so much for your reply. That was all very helpful! Have a great day! Kara

From a Dog Trainer looking to post an article about e-collars Dear Ron, thanks for your help! You’ve helped me spreading useful information to increase the awareness on dog training! I will never forget your help…It has been a great honor and pleasure to write for Thanks again Ron Margaret

From Iris in Louisana who found 8 puppies left in a parking lot in Louisana Thank you so much, Ron; I really appreciate your help. These organizations will be a very big help if I can’t find good homes for all of the puppies. So far, a few friends of mine, who can vouch for the people who want to adopt a puppy, have come through with 3 good homes for these pups. I hope I can find more, but if not, I’ll certainly contact the organizations you refered to me. Best Wishes, Iris

From a Dog Trainer in Tennessee Hi, my name is Margaret and I’m one of readers. I’d like to thank you for the excellent information I’ve found on, It’s always a great pleasure to read your articles and I count to become a loyal reader. I live in Chattanooga, TN where I try to increase the awareness about dog training among my family and friends.

A couple in Indiana looking to adopt a Yorkiepoo Hello Ron, Many thanks for your very timely reply and information! A few of the web sites you listed are new to us so we’ll definitely check them out. We wholeheartedly concur with personally dealing with the breeder. Best regards, Chuck

From Jeanie in New York trying to rehome 2 Shar Peis in South Carolina Dear Ron: Thank you so much for responding, for caring and for all your helpful guidance. I will go over this with Kelly this evening and see what the next best step is. I have contacted family and friends as well so we’re just hoping for the best. I very much appreciate the work you do as do all our little furry friends. I will be in touch either way. Sincerest thanks, Jeanine

From Mark at after posting his blog. Oh, I don’t mind at all! Thank you very much. When we adopted Gracie, we were so impressed with the folks who worked at the shelter. You commitment and concern truly makes a difference. Thanks for what you do. Mark.

From Elyse in Colorado looking for a Scottie to purchase or adopt. Ron: Thank you for this information. You really went out of your way and I appreciate it. Best wishes, Elyse

From Allen in Georgia who had just lost a Lab to cancer and was looking to get another Lab. Ron, Thank you very much for your valuable info and timely response. This should be of immense help in making our selection. Thanks, Allen

Fron Erica in Tennessee looking for adoption and breeder referrals for several breeds. Thank you so much for taking the time to find all of this helpful information. I really appreciate it because I’m sure finding such a wealth of information must have been time consuming! I’m confident that using these resources will help me find a new pet. Thank You!

From Hi there, I love your cute guinea pig site!! I recently went through a health scare with my oldest female (she had to go thru an operation to have a tumor removed.) The line about grieving for your guinea pig and nobody understanding really hit home for me. Next time I will remember your advice “ignore them.” I love it!! I have a website for my guinea pigs, too. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to add a link?

From Terese in Connecticut looking for a GSD to adopt. Thank you so much! This is a lot of great information. I am inquiring about Sophie now. I will keep you posted:)

From Gayle in California looking for an English Bulldog. Thank you for the great, specific, and easy to follow suggestions. I do appreciate it all. I am a former Eng. bulldog owner and did visit the breeder, firsthand, in my first experience. I will not buy online and must see the environment the dog comes from. Thanks, again. Gayle

From Dawn in Arizona trying to re-home her Chihuahua. Thank you! Your advice is very much appreciated and I just want the best home for my little guy. Thank you so much again for all your help. Best Regards, Dawn

From Tabby at Teacher’s Page Hiya, I just wanted to thank you for putting together these great resources: Bulldog Profile My class is learning about pet care and our school mascot (go Bulldogs!) right now and I’ve found some great teaching points from your suggested resources. I also wanted to share a page you don’t have listed that I found useful: I figured other teachers may also find it a useful addition to your resources. Thanks again for the great suggestions! Tabby Brookes

TA from South Carolina looking for help in finding an adoption opportunity. WOW! This is such wonderful, thoughtful information. Since it has been such a long time that I have owned a pet, it never occurred to me that a “rescue group” was not a reputable source—and I am a very cautious yankee who does my homework for anything I purchase or service I intend to use. Thank you so much for the warnings. I will follow it! Thank you also for the links. I don’t have to have a cockapoo (or any mix with a cocker). I just grew up with one and she was wonderful! So, basically, I just want a sweet small mixed breed (not purebred) and I refuse to buy any dog. I don’t mind paying someone for the health tests, but that’s it! Thank you! You are a great resource.

T Website Kudos Ron- Thank you for your revision of the Bull Terrier breed. You did a fabulous job and again as a breeder/owner of over 30 years I thank you. Regina G. May Coronado Bull Terriers Website Kudos Ron: Thank you SO much for your willingness to put Ariel’s Adventures up on your website. Once my Ariel’s Adventures website is ready to go, I will have a Thank You Section where I can personally acknowledge you and link to your page. Thanks again. Jocelyn

From David in D.C. who found a stray and wanted help finding it a new home.Thank you most kindly for sending this detailed note. I am pleased to inform you that a neighbor David trusts fell in love with the Yorkie pup and an adoption has already been made. While we are all happy to hear about this happy ending, in case anything does not work out, we shall follow your instructions. In the meantime, please know: we are all grateful for your quick response and for being around to help us all out!

Shani from Rabbit Haven for adding her site to PGAA’s Rescue Listings. Hi Ron, PGAA is posted on our website! Thank you for all you do for the animals, shani

From Kathy in Florida looking for aid to help her Boxer service dog Ron, Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help. Most of the agencies I have contacted will provide funds for spay/neutering. So far, the others are in the same boat as the rest of us, broke. But, I’ll keep trying til I contact them all. If I ever win the lottery, I will certainly remember your kindness. Thank you,Kathy

From Linda at the Dog Talk Project I have actually visited your site and think it is wonderful! I am very impressed by all of the help and information that you provide to dog people and the great help for prospective adopters. What a great service! Linda

From Julie in Ohio trying to find a place for her pet voles. Ron. Thank you so much for your assistance, I was able to find a place that gladly took them. It was Back to the Wild in Castalia, Ohio. They will use them for education purposes, or release them back into the wild. Thank you for everything you do you are an angel. Julie From Janet, a Pet Sitter, in Auburn Hills MI Hi Ron! Thank you so much for your inquiry. Your website is just precious! I love it! From a rescue group in Illinois you have a great site. Thank you for adding us!!!! Silvia

From Heather in Florida researching Border Collie’s Thanks so much. This is a lot of good information and will help me get started on my search. I’ll be sure to let you know if I have any good or bad experiences, so you can pass the information along. Cheers! Heather

From someone who’s hamster died and wanted to know why. thank you so much ! that really helps me because I have another hamster , imma do so much more .. thanks a lot !

From John in Virginia searching for a Bulldog to rescue. Thank you so much! I just completed an application to adopt Diesel, the little guy from New Jersey.

From JaneAnn looking for financial aid for her Dashshund Molly Ron, Thank you so very much for your reply! I will definitely look into the options you mentioned! JaneAnn

From Sally in Napa trying to find Bobo We found him. Thank you for your help and well wishes

From Margie regarding PGAA’s Breed Selection Guide “Ron, Thank you for responding so quickly. I wanted to share your Matrix, but then realized I wouldn’t be able to explain the undefined exercise terms. So thank you for your help.” “Thanks also for the work you are doing.” Margie

From Julia looking for ways to relocate a wild Dove Hi Ron, Thanks for the reply. The little dove actually found it’s way out to the fresh open air on itâ’s own last night so everything is good. Thanks a lot, and I’ll keep the information on hand in case it happens again as we live on the 7th floor. Very best,Julia

From Jan in Texas trying to find a home for an 8 month old Pharoah Hound. Hi Ron – I wanted to let you know that we successfully transferred Cleo to the San Antonio Animal Defense League on Wednesday! We felt very fortunate to get her there, because we know she will be well-cared for and have a much better opportunity to find the right permanent home. ADL was our first choice because they have always been a no-kill shelter, seem to have a great facility with plenty of play space and lots of socialization opportunities, which she definitely needs. Thanks so much for your wonderful help with resources and your encouragement. They are greatly appreciated! Best regards, Jan

From Lisa regarding rehoming her father’s dog. Dear Ron, Thank you SO much for your time. With the help of someone we were able to find Tuckers breeder where he originally came from. She is going to help. Thanks again, Lisa

From Toni in Florida trying to place a Kia Ken dog. Hi Ron, no i am an independant rescuer,working with many orgs….i didnt know he was listed with them, but am grateful. :)I THINK I found his forever home…doing app and home check this weekend. I cant thank you enough for all of your help…may I keep your email for future contact?

From Bob in Michigan looking to adopt a Shih Tzu. Ron: Adopted “Belle” [formerly “Destiny” of the “Three D’s”] last thursday night. Linda Pillow was great to work with and we now have our 8-10 month old new little girl. Thanks for the information and concern. “Belle” is adapting beyond our wildest dreams. Sorry to learn of your family’s recent loss. Bob

From Jan in Texas trying to find a forever home for an abandoned Pharoah Hound. Ron, thank you so much! This is a tremendous resource for our area. We have contacted several of the organizations on your list, but certainly not all of them. And thank you for the great advice on how to talk to them to be sure we’re getting a good place for this little one. We are still trying to find her a real home and are sending our flyer everywhere we can think of. We’ve arranged to have her spayed and vaccinated tomorrow, so maybe that will help too. Thanks again, I truly appreciate your efforts on Cleo’s behalf!

From Eileen trying to find the owned of a Lab. Ron, I placed a sign in our local mini-mart and the owners saw it this afternoon. Charlie has been reunited with his family. Thank you for your help though! Eileen

From Rosie in California looking to place her Pit Bull. Thank you again so much, this is really helpful. Rosie

From Liz in Massachusetts looking to adopt a Portuguese Water Dog. Hi Ron, Thanks so much for all the good information! I was able to contact Mary Hawkins and she gave me some leads. Please keep me in mind if something does come up. I know it can be a long process but I have the patience. Thanks again, Liz

From Margaret in Florida regarding a hunt for a hypoallergenic small female dog under one year old Hi! First let me thank you for the wonderful information you sent so promptly. Thank you again….You certainly have done a wonderful job of exploration….Again, wonderful job and many gracious thanks to you

From: Lorna in California regarding information regarding a certain rescue agency. Thank you for responding in such a timely manner. I appreciate the the contact information. I have in fact talk with a person from the Ruff Rescue Organization. They are helping with the care which has reduced a lot of the expense and for that I am grateful. Again, I appreciate you advice.. From Katie. Thank you for this website! I wasn’t sure how to administer my dog cpr in case of an emergancy. Now I do, and I feel so much better knowing how too. From Amanda in Oregon Hi Ron, What a wonderful wealth of information!! Thank you so very much! Mandy

From William in Texas regarding a search to adopt a Chihuahua. Ron: We found a little Chihuahua/maltese cross and he is now running the household. Thanks so much for your help. Bill

From Patti Robinson in New York regarding information to help set up a temporary fostering service in New York. Wow, that is great information. Thank you very much. From Patricia. My canine companion has diabetes and requires insulin shots. I read the article, Canine Diabetes, and I am writing to tell you that it contained the most information of any other web site out there so far! This article laid out so clearly when and what amounts to feed. I also found the links at the end of the article of interest. Keep up the good work!

From Shelby for helping find an allergy free cat. I appreciate you getting back to me so quickly, and you have been the most helpful out of the other people i have spoken to on the Internet 🙂

From Alison at Maddie’s Fund for advertising their Rescue Award Program. That is terrific, thank you so very much! We’ve been getting some very positive feedback on the campaign so far. Very encouraging. It’s people like you who make all the difference. Again, thanks so very much for spreading the word.

From Robin for helping to cause the family to reevaluate surrendering a dog to rescue. You are so kind. I can see why you are a Guardian Angel. I have put my foot down and let the members of my household know that Raven stays. She has always been a member of our family and, when the family grew, she remained our loyal companion and watchdog.

From Lauren at Noah’s Ark Rescue. Pgaa is a wonderful source for pet parents and pet parents to be.


From Yanina for help in finding an adoption. Ron, thank you for your efforts in forwarding us this information. We have a puppy and are thrilled! We got a collie/lab mix and he’s wonderful! Thanks for the good work that you all do.

Regarding Pit Bull Ordnance research in Miami. You are an Angel. I will keep you advised. Tonka thanks you also. Myrna in Miami.

From Debbie regarding the rescue of a GSD and Shih Tzu. Hi Ron, Thank your for the extensive list. Thanks for your wisdom and words to encourage.

For helping to find homes for 12 cats and kittens. Ron. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am that you have done so much to help Jane and “the Gary 12”! God bless all of you, abundantly, for the loving work you do. Forever thankful, Mary Lou

Bobbie from fluffyfeet. Anyone that has developed a site like yours, with the hours I know went into it must really care about animals and there welfare. That makes you AOK in my book. I have been through your site from one end to the other and it is truly awesome! Thank you for all that you do for our animal pals.

Amy looking for a Russian Blue breeder. I must thank you, Ron. You are the most helpful person I have come across yet. Amy N. Walters

Helping to find a rescue shelter in SW Florida Hi Ron, Folks like you are AWESOME – thanks for your help and the information. LaVette Potillo Regrading Rimadyl warning. I would like to give a HUGE heart felt THANK YOU to everyone who has provided the informational WARNING about Rimadyl. Again all this was said in hopes of showing my gratitude to all involved in supplying the information on that drug from HELL. Because you all love your family (including the pets, they are family too!), you felt the urgency to get this information out to hopefully prevent any further hurt to our pets and for folks like me, who knew nothing about Rimadyl. I can’t thank you all enough for educating me to protect our darlin’ Chiquita and others. John Ralston, San Antonio Adding a rescue to PGAA’s California list. Your welcome. and with your adding my name to the list that will help a great deal! Bless you for all you do as well. His 4ever, susan

Aaron was looking for help with a new GSD puppy. Hi, Thanks for the info….i appreciate it…You make my day..Thanks again. Hi Ron, I don’t how to repay you for your help you have given me.I thought it would be a good idea to show you a few photos of my beloved German shepherd. Her name is Amber.She is 13 weeks old now AARON CHANG

Looking for a Lakeland Terrier breeder in VA or MD. Thank you , Ron. This is excellent and will help us proceed with a sense of confidence. John

Janice Graham looking for Redbone Kennels in Texas. Hello Ron, I sure appreciate your prompt response! We have had great experiences with dogs over the years, and the last thing I would want to do is purchase anything from an unscrupulous breeder! I will look into these breeders, as they aren’t far from our home. Thanks for your dedication to animals who can’t defend themselves! Your group provides an invaluable service. Best Regards, Janice Graham

Finding a rescue group to help in a Golden rescue. P.S. Another thanks for the service you provide! It’s very helpful. Cyndi in Overland Park, KS

Helping to find a Lab that was mistakenly turned over to animal control. Thank you SO MUCH for your reply – my sisters boyfriend told me last night that he found Luna – I am not sure of the details but he left me a message saying he found her. I truly appreciate your response and willingness to help. Have a wonderful day, Susan in Florida

From a web master of a new animal rescue site. I want to tell you that I appreciate the work you are doing on behalf of animals. That is the most important thing about your site and my blog. I would also like it if you could give me some info so I can do a feature article on your site. Thank you, Bobbi fluffynet

Helping to find a Irish Terrier for adoption. Thank you sooooooo much for the link!!! I have had such a difficult time trying to find an Irish for adoption…Ike is adorable and looks to be a good match. Again, thank you for your help. Jennifer

Helping to locate at PWD. This is just the sort of information I needed…a very thorough answer and I Thank You! Suzanne

From a rescue group in New York. Thank you for having such a wonderful and helpful site!! JoAnne in New York

Regarding finding a home for a adult Shepherd days before he was scheduled to be put down. I just wanted to take a moment to THANK EVERYONE involved in the efforts to find Whiskey a home. Early this morning he was placed in a wonderful home very very close to where we live. We will still be able to see him and we are so thankful for that. It is because of thoughtful and caring people like all of you that made this all possible. So THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL OF YOUR EFFORTS. Marri in Florida

Regarding the search for a dog lost in a rescue system. Once again I would like to thank you for all your involvement in the finding out about Peanut. Needless to say everyone is ecstatic that he is alive and recuperating from his injuries. I once again so appreciate all your intercession and it is my earnest prayer that Peanut is placed back within his loving environment. Sincerely ~Jacie Duca~ Muskegon Mi

Regarding help for a ferret needing medical attention. Thank you so very much for your advice, help, understanding, patience, compassion and everything through this whole process. Matthew and I really appreciate your help. And Isis most certainly appreciates your help. Matthew, Jules and Isis the Ferret

Regarding helping to find a Affenpinscher in rescue. You did a great job. Thanks so much and I am still pursuing Hearts United. Kathy in Iowa.

Regarding helping to rescue a dog and bring her from Texas to Florida. Thank you again for everything and for your kind hearted concern. Connie in Florida

Regarding finding financial help for an injured stray cat. Again, thank-you for all your help and I’m so glad to see that there’s helpful people in this world! Jamie.

Regarding financial assistance for a 9 year old dog I can not thank you enough for the assistance. We are using the information you shared and will be contacting the St. Francis Animal Hospital in Jacksonville tomorrow. We reviewed the site and feel it will be able to help us. Have a blessed day and thank you most sincerely from the Brown family. Dawn in Florida.

Regarding the listing of her Indiana rescue site at . And thank you for all you do. I have been sending people to your site for over a year now! I love it! Christine in Indiana

Regarding PGAA’s Guinea Pig article at I enjoyed your care page for guinea pigs. It was very informative and yet maintained an excellent sense of humor. I have kept dozens of guinea pigs over the years. I have not quite thought about some of their behaviors in the sense that you conveyed, but it all makes perfect sense now. Now I know why my piggies get more vocal when I lay my ears back and wheek back at them! I will definitely recommend your site to other guinea pig owners (I have contributed many baby guinea pigs to new families) especially the ones that come through the vet clinic at which I worked. Thank you for the fresh view! Amy

Regarding locating a rescue of a Lab he found in Texas. Thank you so much for your thoughtful kindness and thorough list of possible referrals!!!!! I will let you know what transpires as we seek a “new” home for him………. Dennis in Texas.

Regarding placement of a mother cat and her litter. Thank you for your response and guidance Ron..I did indeed called the South Boston Humane Society and the sweet momma cat and her beautiful babies will be picked up by a foster mom early next week. Bernie in Virginia.

Regarding the placement of a Bulldog. Bless you for being a Guardian over these 4-legged babies. Bev Robinson, BCA (Bulldog Club of America) Webmaster

Regarding the listing of a rescue site. WOW, Thank you Ron…for posting Stockton/San Joaquin’s website… Stockton is like a lost city..but you have helped so much in placing the link on your list. You are helping dogs get out of jail..and I thank you so much for the quick hyperlink, You are an action hero. Paula in Stockton, CA

Regarding rehoming of a Bluetick Hound. Hey Ron, just an update on “Molly” the foundling bluetick. We did get a woman from a no kill shelter come and pick her up. She said that Molly was a beautiful dog and should have no problem placing her. I’m so glad. I almost cried when they left, but I feel confident that they will do everything in their power to make certain she has a good, safe, loving home. I just wanted to thank you for your response and your help. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks Again, Sincerely, Jodi Phebus

Regarding finding a new home for a 12 year old cat. Thank you for your guidance and a few leads. I truly appreciate your time and your care. Believe me when I tell you I am not beyond begging at this point. I want to do what is right for this sweet cat, but I am running out of viable options. Again, just the time you took to write me back gives me hope that someone will be able to help. Again…than you from the bottom of my heart, I will look into ALL the ones you sent me. Janice Walsh 🙂 in New Jersey

Regarding health information and links to help with a sick Cocker. Thank you for all the info Ron. I appreciate it and will read through it all tomorrow. For now our Honey is in the emergency clinic. She was vomiting all day and having small seizures. Her blood sugar spiked back up. They are keeping her tonight, at least, to do more testing. In the mean time I will read up on all the sites you have given me. I can see already that they will be a huge help. I will be much more educated in canine diabetes next time I discuss Honey’s health with her doctor. Thank you so much for answering my email and so quickly! Sandi {Sandi’s Cocker, Honey, passed away and she has created Honey Ferlin Foundation to help provide financial assistance for dogs needing emergency care. Please visit the site and donate}

Regarding rescue of a Golden-mix. Thanks again Ron for your response, I know you love animals or you would of just ignored my request. So God Bless. Dee in Florida.

Regarding an unsuccessful attempt to save a 4-year old Lab. Such is life for many innocent animals in the world. Thank you for your kind concern. MK in Conneticut Regarding help in finding homes for mother cat and litter. Thanks Ron for pointing me in the right direction. Keep up the good work. Steve in Washington

Regarding finding a home for a hound who’s owner had to move and couldn’t take him. Hi Ron, Good news about the dog. A lady who lives in Deale. MD wants to adopt her. She should have a good home out in the country. Thanks for your concern and help. Bev in Maryland

Regarding lost Jack Russell in Knoxville. Ron, So sorry it’s taken so long to let you know this but a lady called us and returned Barkley over a week ago. We had pasted the neighborhood with flyers including his picture and a small reward ($80). Needless to say all my prayers were answered. Have a wonderful holiday and thanks for your help!!! Shelley from Knoxville.

Regarding finding a new home for a Bernese Mountain Dog. You are wonderful! Thank you for your help! Sandie and Sam in Florida

Regarding finding a American Bulldog Breeder in Maryland. Ron, Thank you so much for your help. I’m going to look into these options and see what comes of it. I’m afraid to even try a pet store, so this should help. Thanks again! Isaiah in Maryland

Regarding saving a Chow/Shepherd mix. Thank you so very much for your response. You have given me a lot of good ideas and information. It will really help me to try and save this dog. thanks again, Jeanne from Pennsylvania

Regarding the rehoming of two cats. Oh My God, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!, I am SO grateful to have this info. Kendra in Missouri

Regarding placing of an American Foxhound. Ron. Thank you so much for your support and your assistance. And for being an advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves. Colleen in Washington State

Regarding use of photos in breed profile. Dear Ron, Thank you for considering my pictures for the Pet Guardian web site. I would be glad to let you use them. Also, congratulations for creating such an excellent idea as the PGAA! Marsha in Colorado and Texas

Regarding help in finding a missing Jack Russell. Thanks SO MUCH for all of this good information… I will get on these things right away. Shelly in Tennessee

Regarding finding a home for an abandoned Ridgeback. Dear Ron, I thought I would let you know that our son (who also has two ridgebacks) found a home for Chaco this weekend. The new owner and Chaco hit it off right away and we are very happy with the match! Thank you for your willingness to help us! Blessings, Joan in Georgia

Regarding finding owners of or new homes for stray dogs. Hi Ron, Good news! I found the owner for the two Aussie/Border Collies. Thanks to the sign on a main road and running into a bicycle rider who knew the owner as I walked the dogs! We also have a “Lost Dog Registry” at 816-333-0020. The owner used only that resource to look for her dogs so I eventually would have connected through them. Thought you might want to add this info to your list. Your information was so helpful and now I feel more confident to handle this type of situation in the future. Thanks again! Cherie from Kansas City, MO

Regarding finding a rescue for 2 MinPins. Wow, thank you so much for all of the information. I now have much more info to reach out to people that may be able to help. The information you provided is very much appreciated. Thanks again, Lisa Hi Ron, Just wanted to let you know that Rocky was adopted by a nice family from Longmeadow last night. I wanted to thank you for all of your help. I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to find a good family for him and given his age if he had went into a shelter he may not have been adopted. Thanks you for all of your help! ~Lisa

Regarding assistance to a Florida Pig Sanctuary destroyed by fire. Thank you Ron, pigs aren’t a big draw for support of any kind. And yet as i sit here typing to you covered in a big pigs ( farm pigs) wet kisses all over my clothes i am feeling perfectly content hahaha. Thank you for helping us help them and for loving them all. Janice in Canada

Regarding the listing of a rescue agency in Arizona. Ron, Thank you so much for your quick actions. Even though I am the ONLY rescue in Az listed on The Dachshund Rescue Web Page, and others are listed in multiple areas, I just picked up a rescue that was advertised as a stray on Craigslist. I contacted the family who had taken him in and offered to help if I could. This very intelligent gentleman told me that he had looked for many hours in efforts to find a no kill shelter for dachshunds who would accept a private surrender. I was right here all along, but search engines generate such a variety of anything that has anything to do with what you’re looking for, its hard to see the forest for the trees. Every link to no kill shelters is an important one. You bet I will link to you on my site…just gotta send this over to the nice volunteer who is building it for me, and get her to teach me how to add links at later dates too, Ron, YOURS will be there the day the site hits the web. Thanks again. Linda in Arizona

Regarding their assistance for a PGAA breed profile. Thank you for asking to use our photos and also giving us credit for them. It is very rare in todays world that this happens, my sincerest thanks to you for this and also for the service you provide. We too are against the use of puppy mills and internet puppy traders, I was happy to see you are not shy about speaking out about this as we also do on our website. Kudos to your organization! Celeste and Péter in Hungry.

Regarding the rescue of 2 purebred Australian Cattle Dogs Thank you so much. A Cathy in Sacramento is willing to take them, she does the rescue. I cannot thank you enough! You have saved these 2 wonderful dogs. Valerie

regarding a yellow lab found wandering near her parents home. Thank you Ron. I have looked at lost pets and will look at as well. I really appreciate all the advice.

regarding writing condo rules regarding dogs.Ron. Thanks so much for this information…It will be very helpful. I appreciate your response!

Revised PGAA’s site’s information from visitor’s comments. “That’s much better! Thank you for changing your webpage! I don’t have a webpage to link to, I’m just so glad you were willing to change it and did so quickly. Much Appreciated” Melissa

Helped to locate a Pit Bull rescue agency. “Many thanks. I’ll forward this info to a co-worker who needs it and keep if for future reference. Thanks for the good work you do!” Elisabeth in California

Assisted in locating homes for invalid owner’s dogs. “I would like to thank you all for helping me try to find a temporary placement for our friend Rose’s dogs. Thank you so much for all your help I appreciate it.” Tracy in New Hampshire

Provided info to help save a wild rabbit brought home by a cat. “Thanks Ron. I just got off the telephone with my vet and they gave me the number of the Rescue Center on HagysMill Road. They didn’t have the address tho’ so thanks! Wish us well!” Lynn in Pennsylvania

Comments for a Rescue operator “Many, many thanks for all the work you do hosting and maintaining such a great website. I use it all the time to contact rescues, and information in it has resulted in saving the lives of many dogs.” Joel in Oklahoma

Helping find an Ibizan Hound for adoption. “Thanks, Ron. I appreciate your help. I’ve got my fingers crossed and am prepared to wait. I’m confident that the right hound will come along when the time is right. 🙂 Have a fantastic week!” Jill in Wisconsin

Comment from a Rescue operator. “I just found your list online and added it to my favorite places because it is very helpful.” Dachshund, Beagle, Coonhound and Basenji rescue in Houston

Rescue of a Blue Heeler from a kill shelter. “Great News! The Blue Heeler has been adopted. I spoke to Arturo a few min. ago and he said the shelter’s Veterinarian’s assistant adopted the dog. Thank all of you for your help and devotion in saving this dog. It’s because of people like you, that animals get a second chance. God has heard our prayers and sent an angel to save her. God Bless All of You and Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,” Sandi in Texas

Help in placing a Munchkin cat of a hospitalized owner. “THANK YOU SO MUCH! I CAN’T TELL YOU HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO HELP ME.” Jodi in Connecticut

Placing an elderly Scotty. “Thank you so much for your help! Ken and I spoke a couple of times today and he said he will be happy to take Whiskey.” “I am so glad that you contacted me. Thank you.” Linda in Massachusetts Visitor comment. “I was browsing through your site and I found that it’s pretty cool that your site actually provides variety of useful links and information that served as guidance for pet lovers –  really like all the things you have put together on it!” Rachel

Rescue listing in National section. “You probably hear this all the time but… you are wonderful! 🙂 Thank you very much. We are trying to get a larger audience in the Illinois area.” Donna in Illinois

For listing a rescue site: “Thank you Ron. I’ve asked a member of the Board of Directors if they would approve adding you to the web site. I’ve also asked my wife, a professional pet sitter, to add you to her web site.” Whitney in California

Helping to find a Portuguese Water Dog: “Thanks so much Ron! That is perfect. I really appreciate it. I am hoping to attend the Chintimini Kennel Club show to see the dogs too.” Kelly in Oregon

In response for help in starting a rescue: “THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH-this information was SO helpful. Bless you.” Patti in South Dakota

Finding a rescue for a Siberian: “Thank you very much for the info. My dog thanks you too.” Visitor in Ohio

Assisting in finding health care options for a Saint Bernard: “Thank you so much for helping me out on this. I have actually contacted a few of these places, however there are a few more on your list that I still have not. I will be in touch with them shortly. I appreciate your time and help on this.” Jeremy in Pennsylvania

Helping to get a Springer from animal control to a rescue: “Thanks Ron. You were wonderful to respond so quickly.” Barbara in Utah.

Finding a Pyrenean Shepherd: “Thank you for your thorough reply. I am not new to dogs and have been a host for many rescued Weimaraners. I would never buy one sight on seen.” Debbie in Kentucky

Looking for a Portuguese Water Dog: “Ron, thank you for helping with my search. Having one PWD, I can’t wait to find another one for him to play with – but I think a puppy at this point would break his heart – hence my search for a 1-3 year old. I’ll try the folks you listed – thanks again for your help.” Bonnie in Maine

Comments regarding PGAA’s rescue listings. “Thank you for list of adoption and rescue organizations, I think it is a wonderful and helpful resource.” Shelly of South Central Bloodhound Club

Provided info on dog ownership and Doberman Pinschers: “Thank you very much for your help!! I never owned a dog and have always wanted one…You’ve brought hope to my idea of having a dog! Thank you again!! I’ll definitely keep you posted.” Sarah)

Help in rescuing several abandoned baby crows: “Again, thanks Ron. I contacted Pacific Wildlife….Lets hope they can rescue the birds from Animal Control.Have a great weekend.” Fran in California Again, we’d love to hear your comments. Please e-mail them to