Common Pet Injuries

The 7 Most Common Kinds Of Pet Injuries


By guest author Veterinary Technician Jill Hardy


Many people have pets that are dear to them, and they would never want to see their pets get hurt. At the same time, most pets will suffer at least one injury during their lifetime. While there are many different types of injuries that can occur, these are the seven most common injuries that you can expect. If you are careful, then you might be able to help your pet avoid these problems.

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Lacerations and Bite Wounds

Bite wounds and generic lacerations are incredibly common for dogs and cats. Your pet may be bitten while hunting, socializing with other pets or if your pet is in heat. The best thing that you can do is have your pet spayed or neutered so that he or she isn’t as aggressive. You should also be aware of how your pet perceives his or her territory. Most bite wounds just require bandaging or stitching, but antibiotics may also be needed.

Torn Nails

Dogs will often tear a nail if they jump and don’t realize that their nail is underneath something. Cats will suffer this for the same reason, and it might also occur if you improperly trim your cat’s nails. This can cause a lot of blood, and it may also lead to infection. Just stay calm and bring your pet to the veterinarian so that he or she can help your pet.

Insect Stings and Bites

This injury usually isn’t that bad, but there are times when your dog or cat can have severe stings and bites. For example, your dog finds a knocked over beehive. There are also some spider bites that can be deadly. If you think that your pet was stung and it’s not that bad, then just call the vet and see what you should do. If your pet has necrotic skin or an excessive number of bites, then visit the vet immediately.


This can go from mild to severe. Your pet might have some minor scrapes from bushes or playing with other animals, or your pet may have a more severe case due to being dragged by a car or being caught under something heavy and mechanical. You can usually fix this with a few bandages, but more severe cases may require surgery.


This probably seems like a weird injury, but this affects many pets every year. There are many seedpods that will attach to your pet’s fur. The pod might burrow under the skin and into the organs. The entire process is very painful, and it can lead to death in severe cases. If your pet has anything attached to his or her skin, then remove the objects immediately so that they don’t become hazardous.


Punctures are usually caused by a nail or sharp piece of glass, but this can also be from thorns and sharp sticks. Punctures usually aren’t that bad, but they can get significantly worse if they aren’t immediately treated. These wounds often become infected if you don’t apply a bandage.


Rattlesnake (Photo credit: Mike Johnston)


The last common pet injury is a snakebite. This is very common in certain states, and the injury can range from a minor puncture to severe poisoning. If you see a snakebite on your pet, then it’s best to get medical help just to ensure that your pet isn’t poisoned.

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