Companies Supporting Dogs in the Workplace




This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Sasha McGregor



With an increasing number of studies coming out about the negative effects of sitting at a computer all day, more companies are instituting policies to try and give their employees other options. Standing desks, work from home days and meditation rooms have popped up in companies trying to promote better health in their workers. Many companies have also caught on to the benefits of allowing their employees to bring pets to work. These ten companies are adapting to changes in the workplace today by promoting better health, and by encouraging employees to bring their dogs into the workplace.


Glassdoor is an online database where you can hunt for jobs, review your experience as an employee for companies and view industry salary standards. They should know what it takes to please employees and it seems like they do, because this California based company lets you bring your pooch to work.


This online news and entertainment site is known for their silly listacles and quizzes. In order to attract young, motivated writers with a fresh perspective, they must make their employee perks competitive. BuzzFeed staff at certain offices enjoy the benefit of bringing their pup to work.


Dogs have had their paws in the Amazon office culture since the company’s inception. The attitude of enthusiasm that dogs bring to the workplace is one that the company wants their employees to mirror. In the Amazon headquarters you can find 6,000 dogs helping their humans work on a daily basis. There is even a manager that coordinates the canine coworkers with the title of Woof Pack manager.


Etsy provides a platform for makers of all kinds to sell their one of a kind creations. The company wanted to foster an uplifting environment and embrace culture changes in the workplace. Since 2005, Etsy employees have been able to bring their dogs in to work with them.


Google wants their employees to feel at home in the office. They have several company perks in place to ensure that their workers feel relaxed and productive. They encourage all employees to bring their well behaved canine companions with them to the office.


It only makes sense that this pet food company would encourage employees to bring their beloved companions to work with them. The company has found that allowing dogs and cats in the office results in less turnover, which means decreased costs for them.


Among the standard benefits Ticketmaster offers to recruits is the perk of bringing your dog to work. They know that your dog is an important part of your family. In this spirit they offer health insurance for your pets.

Ben & Jerry’s

This gourmet ice cream company is known for their environmentally friendly policies from reduced packaging, to sustainable ingredients. What is less known about the company is their dog friendly workplace. Each dog receives a treat from reception on their way in and gets to hang out with their human all day. The company even keeps a roster of what they call their K9-5ers on their website.


Dogs have been shown to reduce stress hormones, decrease blood pressure and increase self esteem. GoDaddy takes these findings seriously and are committed to good mental health in their employees. Not only can you bring your dog to work, they provide mental health dogs as therapy assistants for anyone who needs a break.


This outdoor store wants employees to feel balanced and included. One of the ways they encourage their employees to get outside is by having a dog park at the office. Workers are encouraged to bring their canine pals as often as they like. If they are ever in need of a break from the computer, they can go outside and throw a ball around with their dog.


Companies that want the most productive, healthy employees are ditching the old school office model of staying at your desk from nine to five. Bringing your dog to work is one of the best ways to stay grounded and energetic.

Sasha McGregor is a part-time freelance writer and full-time educator.