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Puppies For Sale – Consider Adoption


Puppies sale – is one of the top web-search phrases used by those looking to share their life with a furry companion, or expand their existing menagerie. But have you considered adopting?

We offer 5 reasons why adopting a shelter puppy or dog is a better choice than searching for puppies for sale:

1. Save a life – The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) estimates that six to eight million dogs and cats are surrendered to shelters each year. Of those animals, about half are adopted, and half are euthanized.

2. Get a healthy pet – Shelter dogs have been spayed, neutered, vaccinated and tested for heartworm.

3. Save money – The fee for adopting a shelter dog covers the medical expenses for the services listed above and is almost always a drop-in-the-bucket compared to what you would pay to a pet store who has not taken care of those medical necessities and who very possibly acquires their puppies from puppy mills that are offering puppies for sale.

4. Gain a lifetime of loyalty – Rescued dogs who have had less than ideal lives before making it to the shelter tend to be more loyal and affectionate when given a second chance by a kind and loving owner or family.

5. Set a good example – You’ll teach your children, family members and friends the value of offering second chances, and how one person can make a difference by showing compassion toward an animal in need.

Don’t buy into the myths that because an animal has ended up in a shelter he or she is unhealthy or must have some sort of behavioral problem. Most shelter dogs are as healthy and “normal” as any other dog.

So before you type, “puppies sale” into your next Google search, please pause for a moment to consider the points above and take the first step in making a real difference in someone’s life by searching for, “local rescue shelters” instead!

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PGAA Comments:

For help in locating a rescue organization in your area please go to PGAA Rescue Listings.  Rescues groups are listed by state.

Once you get a puppy please visit PGAA’s Canine Articles for help in raising the puppy.  Please remember that little puppies grow into bigger puppies.