Cornish Rex


Photos from Angel Waves Cattery

The Cornish Rex has a wedge-shaped face with large ears set high.  Medium, oval-shaped eyes.  Short, wavy coat with easy maintenance, but that provides little protection. Originated in Cornwall, England and took its name from the Rex rabbit which has a similar coat.  Its body shape resembles that of a Whippet dog.

  • BREED TYPE:  Spontaneous mutation
  • BODY TYPE:  Foreign
  • COAT TYPE:  Shorthair
  • SIZE:  Small to medium
  • TEMPERAMENT:  Active and playful.  Affectionate and people-oriented.  Kitten-like antics are forever present.
  • COLORS:  White, cream, blue and cream, cinnamon silver.  Tortoiseshell,  Calico van.  Chocolate point (Si-rex).  Smoke:  red, blue, blue-cream, black smoke and white.

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