Devon Rex

The Devon Rex has soft, wavy hair, not a tightly curled the Cornish Rex.  Small, wedge face with cheeks fuller that the Cornish Rex.  Oversized (bat-like) ears and large eyes.  Kept indoors during temperature extremes and wet weather.  Grooming is uncomplicated.  A good candidate for an allergy-sensitive person.

  • BREED TYPE:  Spontaneous mutation
  • BODY TYPE:  Foreign
  • COAT TYPE:  Shorthair
  • SIZE:   Small to medium (up to 9 pounds)
  • TEMPERAMENT:  Active and playful as puppies.  Not at all a solitary cat as it can end up in your lap, on your shoulders, or around your neck.  Inquisitive and not at all boring.  It may even join you in the tub, invited or not.  Likes to be with its human.
  • COLORS:  White, cream, blue, cream and white.  Point:  cream lynx (Si-rex).  Silver torbie.  Smoke:  black and white smoke, black.  Calico dilute.  Tabby:  red silver, brown.

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