Do You Have a Healthy Pet?


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10 Signs of a Healthy Pet

Making sure your fur babies are happy and healthy is probably a big priority. Pets are often loved like children, but they still can sometimes get sick. However, you can prevent something serious if you know what a healthy pet looks like. If you want to be sure your pets are living their best life, read through this list of 10 signs that they’re feeling great.

1. Consistent Weight

Cats and dogs should stay at a relatively consistent weight. If your pet drops in weight rapidly, it’s time for a trip to the vet. However, a lean, stable weight is often a sign you’re giving your cat or dog the ultimate pet nutrition. Learn more about what cats and dogs require for a proper diet to help ensure their healthy coating.

2. Shiny Coat

Glossy fur indicates that your pet has good grooming habits, particularly in cats. Healthy dogs also usually have shiny fur, but cats spend more time routinely grooming themselves. Shedding and natural oils help produce a nice on your pet’s fur.

3. Fresh Breath

All right, so maybe that’s no such thing as truly fresh breath when it comes to your pet. However, your pet’s breath shouldn’t be unbearable. Extremely bad breath could be a sign of dental issues, like tooth decay. Help your pet by getting them treats that clean their teeth.

4. Regularity

Changes in your pet’s bowel movements can be a sign of illness. This is true about bladder movements. For example, male cats are prone to urinary tract infections, which can lead to bigger problems, like a blockage in the urinary tract.

5. Alert Eyes and Ears

Hearing and sight are important for your pet’s health. Pets that can hear well should be able to follow sound, and their ears move to track sound. Likewise, pets that have good eyesight can follow a toy or something similar that holds their attention.

6. Clean Ears

Cats and dogs with dirty ears are at a higher risk for developing hearing problems. Similarly, dirty ears can attract harmful parasites to your pet. That’s why it’s a good idea to use a vet recommended solution to clean out your pet’s ears every so often.

7. Playfulness

Cats and dogs need a little fun in their lives. Keeping your pets active can help them stay lean, but it can also help them stay happy. However, just like you, when pets aren’t feeling good, they don’t like to play. Pay attention to changes in your pet’s social habits for signs of distress.

8. Healthy Sleep Habits

Everyone likes to sleep well, and that includes your pet. In fact, dogs sleep between 12-14 hours each day, and cats need 12-16 hours per day. On the other hand, if you notice that all your pet wants to do is sleep, that could be a symptom of something else.

9. Talkative

It’s often said that the happiest pets have a lot to say. Cats that respond to their owners’ voices are usually more attached to them, and very vocal cats are thought to be the happiest of all. Dogs also can get rowdy when they’re happy, especially if it’s time for one of their favorite past times.

10. Wants to Be Social

A pet that’s happy and healthy wants to be social and be around family. Dogs are often particularly social animals, and can isolate themselves when they aren’t feeling well. Cats, on the other hand, have more dynamic personalities, and sometimes just want to be alone. Don’t discount a cat’s disinterest, though. Pop in to check on your loner tabby now and then.

Keeping Your Pet Healthy

Paying attention to pets’ behaviors can be the first step in keeping them healthy. Show your pet that you really care by being proactive about their health. Whether you’re a dog lover or a cat lover, there’s a pet that has your heart, so be sure to love it as best you can.

“Cary Teller is an Oregon native who loves exploring the outdoors with his trusty sidekick Milo, a 2-year old gorgeous and cuddly mastiff.”