Do You Know Where Puppies REALLY Come From?



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Here is the story of a wonderful dog named Lily who suffered at the hands of breeders. Lily was rescued from a puppy mill. To the right you can see a picture of Lily before she was rescued by Theresa Strader, the founder of the National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR). The picture of Lily above was taken during the second chapter of her life when she became a beloved member of the Strader family.

The goal of this non-profit organization is too rescue, rehabilitate and re-home discarded breeding dogs and to educate the general public about the cruel realities of the commercial dog breeding industry. The following documentary film is called, I Breathe: Lily’s Legacy which exposes the secrets of the pet industry and where vast majority of puppies at commercial pet shops come from. At this time the NMDR has successfully rescued over 9,400 dogs from puppy mills. There are many ways in which you can support this organization.

An article that is related to this one is called, The Truth About Pet Shops and Puppies. Another great article to read is Puppy Mill Investigations which contains a video featuring Charlize Theron who gives us an inside look at puppy mills.

You may donate food, money, your time, adopt a dog, or shop in their store. Another way you can contribute to the NMDR is by simply surfing the web, shopping at participating websites, and casting votes. If you visit the NMDR website you will find an adoption section and a donate section as well.

Here are other ways to donate:

A fun way of donating is through iGive. By simply shopping online, various stores will donate proceeds from your purchases. This will NOT affect the cost of the items.. Click onto the iGive image with the cute cartoon doggie to the left.

GoodSearch: Every time you use this search engine money is donated.

Ebay Giving Works: Find a charity of your liking and go shopping! This will NOT affect the cost of the items.

AmazonSmile: Go shop some more! This will NOT affect the cost of the items.

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