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This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Jenn Lee

Photo by Pexels

Activities to Enjoy With Your Dogs

Whether you are a novice dog owner who just got their first puppy, or you are long time dog owner, ensuring your furry friend gets the right amount of exercise and attention is crucial. It can sometimes be daunting to find something a bit more exciting than a walk around the block to do with your dog. Here are some activities that you can do with your dog that will peak both the dog’s interests as well as your own.


Looking for a way to explore your city without breaking the bank? Consider taking your furry pal on an extended walk around the city. This can be a fun and interesting way to introduce your pet to new surroundings. The new sights, sounds and smells will keep your dog occupied for hours and provide plenty of exercise to use up his energy. A tour around the city may also lead you to discover a new dog park where you can take your dog off leash and let him or her interact more freely with other dogs. This can be a safe way for you and your dog to make new friends.


If you live in a more arid region or it is way too hot out for a long walk, consider taking a dip with your pet. Taking your dog for a swim can provide a unique way for them to get out a lot of their energy, while providing a new stimulant for them. Play time helps to keep a dog’s mind sharp and swimming or lake can provide a new form of excitement for them to enjoy. Owners can jump in alongside their dog and enjoy relaxing playtime to keep you both cool during the summer months.

If you plan to install a pool that you intend to swim in with your furry friend, discuss this intention with your contractor. There may be regulations or safety precautions that you need to adhere to so that you and your pet are both safe. These regulations can vary depending on your location and swimming pool contractors Las Vegas as opposed to Virginia may have different input as to the level of safety required for you and your dog.


The best overall stimulant for a dog is to teach him or her a new trick. This is an activity that can be done outdoors or indoors and requires nothing but a little patience from the owner, and a couple treats on hand. Get the kids involved and make trick time a family event. These tricks can be progressively more difficult as the dog begins to master them, and can offer constant entertainment for you and your dog. Just be sure to reward your dog every time he or she performs a trick correctly and to provide a loving stroke of appreciation for following direction towards your friend.


Most dogs are over the moon at the chance to ride in the car with their owners. If you can, bring your dog with you to the family barbeque or vacation. The car ride and the new location will stimulate your dog. This can be a great chance for your dog to show off some of the tricks you have taught him and meet new people and animals along the way. Not to mention all of the extra cuddles and play time you can offer your dog throughout the trip.


Dogs need attention. They are social animals and need their owners to return their love and affection. Allowing them to snuggle up next to you while you are watching television at night can provide an excellent opportunity for you to bond with your dog and shower her with affection you
may have been too busy to do earlier in the day. Lovingly stroking your dog and offering belly rubs is an opportunity to bond with your best friend and show him how much he means to you.

In today’s fast paced world, the needs of our pets can oftentimes be overlooked. It is important that we provide activities for our dogs that stimulate them and provide the means for exercise to ensure they remain healthy and happy. Most of what you do for exercise or pleasure can often
include your dog, so bring along your faithful companion and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Jenn Lee, is a family blogger and proud parent of Reggie the Golden Retriever .