Dog Calming and CBD Oil


This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Sasha McGregor


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How to Treat Your Dog With CBD Oil

CBD oil is becoming a popular wellness topic. It is a highly used alternative therapy for many conditions. Lately, the benefits experienced by humans have caused a new trend in using CBD oil as an effective treatment for dogs.

This oil is extracted from the hemp plant. CBD oil is a natural cannabis product called cannabidiol oil. They come in several different forms and products. For dogs, CBD oil is available as a tincture, like dog treats or food, and there is even a water soluble option. The type of product you choose depends upon your pet and the easiest method for administering it to them. The treats come in flavors such as peanut butter and turkey, to help you more easily feed it to your dog.


CBD oil for dogs is a great product with many benefits for your pet. This oil is great at promoting relaxation and calming your dog. This can be useful for any pets that are easily stressed, scared, or irritated. If your dog gets upset and frightened by storms, CBD oil can be a good natural option for how to treat their distress. It can also be used to make certain necessary activities that often cause your pet distress, such as bathing and nail clipping, easier on your dog.

Because CBD oil is so helpful with promoting relaxation, it’s a great way to help address occasional sleeplessness. If your dog is having trouble sleeping due to an environmental factor like outside noise, stress from a recent move, or pain and discomfort from an injury, CBD can help your pets calm down and go to sleep.

If your dog is experiencing pain, CBD oil is an effective natural remedy for that as well. This oil is known for helping to relieve minor pain and discomfort. This quality makes it a good option for any dog that is older and has arthritis or joint problems and pain. When your pet has relief from their symptoms, they will be able to sleep better, which will improve their mood and energy. Relief from pain and discomfort will also allow them to move around more easily and enjoy walks and play again. There has even been a success and using CBD oil to treat seizures.

All of these benefits are great on their own and will add up to an increase in overall health, keeping your dog feeling and acting young and energized.


There are a few things to take into consideration when you decide to give your pet CBD oil. Consider the best way to administer CBD oil to your dog. While it is available in several forms, a liquid will give you the most control over the dosage. It’s important that you read the directions and follow the product’s dosing instructions completely. Most products will specify a recommended dosage according to your pet’s weight.

When given in the proper dose, CBD oil should help improve your pet’s mood and relieve its symptoms. It is important to note that there are a few potential side effects when using this product. The most common are dry mouth, sleepiness, and a temporary drop in blood pressure. Make sure that you pay attention to your dog’s reactions and how they act after administering CBD oil. Start with a smaller than recommended dosage and increase it gradually until you notice that your pet is benefiting from the product, being careful to not exceed the maximum recommended dosage.
Make sure to purchase your CBD oil products from a reputable source. Check the ingredients so you know exactly what is in what you buy.

CBD oil can be a great alternative therapy that is used to treat a number of conditions. The calm and relief of symptoms from minor ailments that it can provide will help to improve your dog’s overall well being and quality of life, allowing them to be happier and healthier.

Sasha McGregor is a part-time freelance writer and full-time educator.