Dog Food Bowls



Like humans, when dogs grow older, they do things a bit slower and they start to ache. Dogs, especially the ones of larger breeds are more likely to suffer from arthritic condition and some other size related problems. One of this is the inability of the dog to eat properly.

When large or big dogs get older they have a hard time to reach their food on the floor as it is straining their neck muscles as well as their back muscles. This activity is also making them put too much stress on their hip and leg joints, which could be really painful. But this could be corrected.

You can alleviate the agony and the discomfort your aging dogs are feeling when you provide them with elevated dog feeders. This will also help improve their digestion. Eating with the head lower than the stomach is not normal as this increases the probability of the dogs choking on their kibble. This could also cause the dog to vomit when the esophagus is stretched to a certain point where in the food does not stays there.

You are helping prevent these problems when you provide your dogs with the right height appropriate feeding dish. Most of the shops that sell pet supplies offer different types that you could choose from. Most stores have elevated feeding dishes at twelve inches as the highest. This will do for most dogs. But if you need a higher one, you have someone make one for you. Elevated dishes inn standard sizes will do for dogs such as Labradors, boxers, and other dogs of the same size. But you will need something a bit higher for much taller dogs like Great Danes, or Wolfhounds .

These elevated dog feeders could be constructed using 3 boards of the appropriate size and a saw in making the dish holes. They are not really that expensive and hard to build. You just have to be more creative in making your dog an elevated dog feeder when you can’t get someone to do it for you.

Elevated feeders could also have legs that could be possibly attached to other objects like thick boards. This will be helpful in bringing the food and water to a level that can be easily reached but your dog.

You can find a lot of shops that sell elevated feeders on-line. Some even offer customized elevated dog feeders. You could easily find one that you and your dog could benefit from. When the time comes that you too are aging with your dog, you would not have a hard time feeding it when you have this kind of tool.

It is important that you give your dog the utmost care and provide it with all the things it needs.

Content provided by Sally Johnson of Oh My Dog Supplies, look for new deals on  dog food storage online.