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How to Put a Harness on Your Dog (Infographic)


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by Lorie Huston, DVM on December 16, 2013

Putting a harness on your dog may seem, on the surface, to be a simple task. And once you know how to do it, it usually is. However, with all the straps and buckles, it can become confusing.

>Why would a dog owner choose a harness over a collar? There are a few reasons for choosing a harness. Some dogs have sensitive necks and throats and collars may be problematic for these dogs. A harness may be safer and more practical in these situations. Often, owners choose harnesses for dogs that tend to lunge and pull while walking, although a better solution to this problem might be proper training for the dog, teaching the animal to walk at the owner’s side on a loose leash without lunging or pulling.

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