Dog Smells in Furniture


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How to Get Dog Smell Out of Couch?

Dog is one of the lovable pets in the world. Most of the people are enjoyed cruddling or snuggling with the dog on the couch. There is nothing better than snuggling or cuddling with your dog on the couch.

It can not be denied that while you are doing cuddling with your dog on the couch, they leave a distinct dog smell on your couches. This smell impales into the fabric and causes unpleasant and bad smells.

Many people do not know how to get dog smell out of the couch. There are several ways of removing dog smells, and it can help you achieve a healthy-smelling home at any time.

6 Easy Ways-How to Get Dog Smell Out of Couch

You have a dog, and you are also doing cuddling with your dog on the couch like others. You notice that your couches are smell like a distinct dog. Right now, one question comes on your mind, how to get dog smell out of your couches.

There are several ways you can apply to remove a dog’s odor from your couch. The good news is that you can eliminate the smell of a dog with a Portable Spot Cleaner. It is easy to use, and the advantage is that it can also erase the spot with the smell.

In this article, we are going to describe 6 easy ways to eliminate the smell of a dog on the couch. You can apply one of these and get rid of the unpleasant smell.

1. Use Removable Items

If you have pets at home, it is best to choose a pillow with a removable cover. So that it can be easily washed.

When you have the couch with a removable cover on the cushions, the benefit is that you can take them down anytime and wash them whenever you want.

It is advisable for you to try using removable items if you want to keep a pet at home. You can easily removing the dog smell by washing the removable items.

2. Use Vacuum Cleaner

Dog’s dead skin cells, hair, and other things could be causing the smell on your couch. You can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dog debris. It can also help to remove the dog’s smell from your couch.

It is helpful for them who do not have removable cushion covers on the couch. By using a vacuum cleaner, they can easily clean the couch and removes the dog’s smell.

Vacuum cleaner is useful for all types of surfaces, including all corners and sides of the couch. You can use it regularly to keep not only your couch odor-free but also keep clean your entire home.

3. Creating a Cleaning Solution

You can create a cleaning solution for removing dog smell by mixing baking soda and white vinegar. To creating this solution, you need to pour 2 cups of white distilled vinegar with 2 cups of water in a bowl and mix the baking soda with 4 tablespoons.

You can use it with a spray bottle. Just spray a light layer over the couch. Keep the solution sit for about five minutes and then rub your couch with a dry cloth to remove excess moisture.

4. Hire an Upholstery Cleaner

If you feel that you need a thorough cleaning of your couch to get rid of the bad smell, rent an upholstery cleaner. You can also purchase a cleaner product for home use.

If you want to clean the couch daily, so it is a great idea to invest in a Portable Spot Cleaner. The portable spot cleaner is easy to use, and everyone can easily handle it while cleaning. When you use a portable spot cleaner, you can erase stains and also removes the smell of dog on the couch easily.

It is recommended that you buy a portable spot cleaner if you have a pet at home.

5. Use an Enzyme Cleaner

If you can afford an enzyme cleaner, you can go for it. Not only can you use it to remove dog odor, but you can also remove any stains on the couch.

One of the main benefits of has it that you can use it daily so that you can get free from nasty dog smell in your home.

6. Use a Fabric Refresher Spray

If your dog smell is not too bad, you can use a fabric refresher spray for your couch. Keep one thing before purchasing a refresher for removing dog smell. You need to purchase the odor-eliminator refresher.

This refreshing smell doesn’t last long, so take this approach for immediate results. Not for a long time.


In conclusion, we can say that living with a dog is always fun and full of love. Keeping your home odor-free is not an easy task if you have a dog. Since dogs inevitably love your couch, so you should learn the best ways to remove their smell from the couch.

There are many ways you can find out how to remove dog smell out of the couch. You can use one of the ways mentioned above, and you can enjoy a clean and fresh scented couch every day.