Doggie Cakes



This resource was provided to Pet Guardian Angels of America by Katie Santos, Community Outreach, Personal Creations


5 Delicious Dog Cake Recipes

Our furry companions are the ones who give us love and affection each day, so it’s impossible not to spoil them! When it comes to our dog’s birthday, many of us owners want to treat our pups to something special. That’s why Personal Creations has created delicious dog cake recipes that you can make at home. Most of the ingredients for the cakes are materials you probably already have in your pantry, and are all safe for pups to enjoy. From a fruit filled coconut berry cake to a scrumptious apple banana cake, you’ll want to make extra for yourself! Whether it’s your pet’s birthday, they performed a new trick, or you just want to spoil them with love, a dog cake is the ultimate treat.

Personal Creations provides 15 dog cakes recipes (see Recipes) as well as delicious “people” treats.