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This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Mikkie Mills.



When we decide to go on vacation, it is an exciting experience. However, for those of us with a strong attachment to our animals, this can also be a time that is fraught with worry. We know that leaving our furry friends behind makes them vulnerable to all sorts of trouble, without the benefit of the master’s presence to set things right. The only real solution is to take your pets along with you. But what kinds of vacations are the best for bringing a pet? Here are some things to consider when picking your next vacation.

Pet Restrictions
First of all, there are certain vacation spots in which bringing a pet will be a liability, or even flat-out impossible. For instance, you wouldn’t want to bring your pit bull on a trip to Las Vegas. Speaking of pit bulls, you should be aware that some countries have harsh restrictions on certain breeds. If you are traveling to a crowded urban area, it will likely not be the ideal location for your dog. In many instances, your animal will be unable to accompany you into public buildings.

Best Dog Vacations
Now let’s think about vacations that are ideal for dogs. First of all, there’s a trip to the beach. This is an outing in which you will spend most of your time outside. This should suit your dog just fine. Lots of running up and down the beach, playing catch and chasing seagulls, or maybe doing a little swimming. On the subject of a beach trip, I should add that you must be careful not to let your dog swim too far from the shore. They probably won’t do this anyway, but if they stray too far, they might start to look like an appealing meal for a shark.

Another example of a great canine vacation would be a hiking trip. For instance, maybe you’ve always wanted to hike the Appalachian trail. Chances are, your dog would love to come along. Dogs in the wild take a lot of pleasure in running with the pack. You will see that as your dog happily trails behind you with their tail wagging. Not only that, but your dog can also help you if you are injured while hiking, as this one did.

But what about a cruise? This one can honestly go either way. If you are planning on taking a cruise, make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules on your particular ship so that there are no last-minute surprises. Some cruise lines are pet-friendly in the extreme, offering special activities catered toward pets. As long as you seek out one of these cruises, your dog or cat should have a great time.

When to Leave Your Pet at Home
If your vacation involves wildlife-based sightseeing, it might be best to leave your dog at home. It can be very hard for them to suppress their natural predatory drives at a zoo or some other animal park. Many such places will not allow you to bring a pet anyway.

A cat, unlike a dog, is better suited for “civilized” company. Cats are smaller, quieter, less intimidating, and generally cleaner than dogs. As a result, they will usually do a better job of controlling their behavior in a crowded environment.

If you are leaving your pets at home while you are on vacation, make sure that they are in good hands. Looking for storage units near me is a good option for most pets. There are a lot of different storage options where you can leave your pets attended for a week plus and know that they are in safe hands. There is also a large community of people that have extra space in their home and backyard that offer it up to pet-sitting. Make sure you check all of the options so that you chose the best one for you and your pets.

Trained Pets
A hunting trip is even more ideal. If you normally use your dogs for hunting, you surely know that a dog is happiest when it is doing what it is born and bred to do. Cats, being solo hunters, are no good for hunting expeditions.

If your dog is trained to protect you, you might consider bringing them along if you happen to visit any potentially dangerous parts of the world. There are certain places in which popular tourist spots exist in close proximity to crime-ridden areas. The truth is that you should avoid these places, but if you choose to go, be sure to bring your faithful guard dog.

Every pet is different and though many trips can be taken with your pets, you should make your decision based on your individual pets. If your pets are still puppies, for example, you might want to consider waiting until they are more gown before you take them with you. You should also consider how much exercise your pets need each day and only take them if they will get the exercise they require. Traveling with your pets can make any trip more fin but make sure you are prepared before you leave!

Mikkie Mills, is a freelance writer who often writes about family, home improvements and the occasional DIY project.