Dogs and Clean Houses


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Keeping Your House Fresh and Clean While Having a Dog

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While we often consider our pets to be beloved members of the family and the best companions we could have hoped for, dogs can sometimes create an unimaginable mess in our homes. From endless hair you keep finding everywhere to urine stains on your furniture and rugs, there are many hygiene problems a dog parent can face daily. However, that should never deter you from having such a fun and playful friend in your home, as there are many simple ways to ensure you and your pup are living in a clean and fresh house.

Setting some ground rules

If you like to take your dog for a walk around the neighborhood or even play with them in the yard, it’s important to prevent them from bringing any dirt or mud into your home when playtime is over. Start by placing runners or mats both inside and outside of doors, which you can easily shake out or vacuum several times a week, and teach your pup to wait on the mat to have their paws wiped down before they enter the house. Keep a small towel and a bowl of lukewarm water next to the door to quickly wipe your dog’s legs and paws before they come in.

Vacuuming the house regularly

As shedding tends to be the number one concern when it comes to your dog and the cleanliness of your home, it would be a good idea to vacuum your house regularly, even more often than once a week if your pet has a particularly long and thick coat. Apart from vacuuming your floors, carpets and rugs, don’t forget to vacuum your furniture weekly as well, making sure you reach every nook and cranny. It would also be wise to invest in a high-quality vacuum cleaner that has powerful suction, works well on all surfaces, and doesn’t get clogged up easily by excess hair.

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Letting some fresh air in

One of the easiest ways of keeping the unwanted pet odors out of your home is to let some fresh, crisp air in. Whether you decide to open your windows once in the morning or even several times during the day, fresh air can help you get rid of any odd smells in a matter of minutes. However, draughts often can’t be controlled, and they are especially unfavorable during the allergy season and freezing winter months. That is why a great alternative might be to . Not only will they help you get rid of pet odors and smells quickly and easily, but they will also fill your home with some of the most pleasant and calming scents.

Keeping your dog groomed

It’s a well-known fact that almost all dogs shed, and nothing can actually prevent that, but regular grooming will make a significant difference. How frequently you should give your pup baths can depend of several factors, including how smelly your dog gets and the activities they’ve been doing, but in general, most pups only need a bath every few weeks. Apart from taking your dog to the groomer’s to get their coat trimmed regularly, it would also be a good idea to brush them often. Depending on the length and the thickness of your dog’s coat, brushing may be required anywhere from once a day to once every few weeks, but it will help minimize the shedding and keep your pup’s fur and skin healthy.

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Cleaning the bedding frequently

Dirty cages, crates and beds can not only lead to an unpleasant smell in the home, but might also cause discomfort for your dog or even lead to an accumulation of germs and bacteria that result in infections and diseases. That is why it’s crucial to always keep your dog’s bedding and sleeping area as clean as possible. While your dog’s bed and any enclosures should always be safe and the right size for your pet, it might also be a good idea to invest in high-quality, absorbent bedding materials that will help you minimize foul odors and might even mean that you don’t have to clean quite as often.

Stocking up on toys

If you have a playful and inquisitive dog, or even a needy one that feels neglected when you’re not at home, it’s important to prevent them from expressing their feelings and emotions by chewing up your belongings. Apart from training your pup not to bite and chew, it would also be a great idea to equip your dog with plenty of chewing toys, such as rubber balls, sticks and bones, which will not only encourage positive chewing, but also help you preserve your shoes, rugs and furniture, keeping your house in pristine condition.

Even though dogs can be dirty, messy and smelly at times, the joy and love you get from your little ball of fur undoubtedly outweighs those little inconveniences. And now that your house is fresh, clean and spotless, you can finally enjoy some quality time playing and cuddling with your beloved pet.

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