Dogs and Memorial Day



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What do dogs have to do with Memorial Day, Independence Day, the freedom to be Americans and our duty to defend the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights?

Dr. Roberta Lee, Values Editor for SAAB

We honor Memorial Day because we send our youngest and bravest out to do battle, to defend our freedom to be individuals and to protect our personal and civil rights. We honor Memorial Day because we send our youngest and bravest out to do battle, to defend our freedom to be individuals and to protect our personal and civil rights. No matter where we live, in all countries of the world, it takes two (sides or individuals) to fight. The men and women of both sides give their limbs and lives for what they often are not sure is true or precepts they don’t understand. We memorialize the fact that our warriors stood were you or I would not stand. They gave all they had to give while we dishonored what they stood for, Our Highest and Best Good.

Like petulant children, we have miss-used, over used and abused this planet we live on and then we wonder why we are hearing talk about doomsday, climate change, and social upheaval. Old Mother Earth is going to shake her shoulders one day and we will be gone. Just like that, in a blink of an eye. While we would like to see the planet cleaned up, we will let someone else do it.

It seems that is what we are doing when it comes to protecting our rights, oh not the right to drive and drink, or pollute and poison, but the right to own animals just because we love them, not because we want to eat them.

While I prefer vegetables and fruit, I am not vegan and I’m not suggesting you should be. What I am saying is that we should protect our companion animals, those that live in our homes and the animals that have always been associated with the forward advancement of mankind. From asses to oxen to storybook steeds of Arabia, the human race could not have raced into the 20th century without beasts of burden, dogs of war, and dogs that hunt to provide food for us.

Some of you reading this have quit trying to wake up your fellow man. When it comes to legislation which often masquerades as rights for animals, you are too quiet, often hiding your head in the sand thinking you will ride out the trouble unnoticed. But you won’t come out unscathed. On the other hand, if you believe in “The Highest And Best Good” for all species and for the earth itself, then that is what you will attract to you.

This Independence Day let us think about, first of all, remembrance of our military past and present. Every day, somewhere, a soldier is wounded or worse, protecting our freedom. Some of those soldiers have four legs! So let’s remember what Memorial Day stands for and how it is connected to Independence Day. We call it “4th of July” as though we are afraid to think of those who died insuring we can live in the land of the free and the brave. So thank you to all who and are serving our country and who, while they don’t dwell on it, realize that they may actually have to choose between duty, love of country, and the possibility of death. They go forward into battle while we sit secure in front of our big screen TV and watch the fireworks.

As your hand drops down to stroke that soft ear or you feel his cold nose in the palm of your hand, remember that somewhere, in rocky terrain and blazing heat, there is a soldier willing to die to protect your right to live securely here at home. Look down at your dog and realize the depth and trust he has as he gazes into your eyes.

Like the soldier who faces death to defend your freedom, would you not fight to defend our right to own and to breed companion animals? While the horses and mules carry our loads, and cows and sheep feed and clothe us, it is the dogs who lead us when we are blind, who comfort us when we are lonely, and who always, without fail, devote their short lives to the Highest and Best Good for mankind. That is why God made dogs.

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