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How You Should React If Your Cat or Dog Drinks Some Coffee

Coffee is a great source for caffeine and it is love d by many people. A lot of people cannot live a single day without having coffee. However, when your cat or dog drinks some coffee, it might be a problem for sure. But what is the problem when your cat or dog drinks coffee by any chance? What are the effects of drinking coffee for pets like cats and dogs?

Well, it may have some problems and you should react immediately. Here are the details about how you should react if your dog or cat drinks coffee.

What happens if your dog or cat drinks coffee?

Coffee is for humans, not for pets. That is why when your cat or dog drinks or eats coffee it will take 30-40 minutes to react. Maybe you think that why it will react differently from the human body. But the thing is that the human body and pet body react the same, however, since the bodyweight of pets is far less than the human body, the effects get amplified to an extreme level. A 9-pound cat body will react more than a 90-pound human body. Your cat or dog may have hyperactivity or anxiety easily. And even in the worst case, it may result in an unexpected death. So it is really important to react immediately.

Signs of poisoning

The signs of poisoning will vary the size to size of your dog. Also, it will depend on the amount of caffeine taken by your dog or cat. However, you will see some signs Restlessness, Agitation, Rapid or irregular heartbeat, Extreme hyperactivity, Vomiting, and Seizures. For any animal, changing behavior suddenly means something is wrong. The symptoms I have mentioned above might be seen after an hour of poisoning.

How You Should React If Your Cat or Dog Drinks Some Coffee

So how should you react if you see those symptoms?

Well, the first thing and best thing you should do is to call the vet. Do not rush or panic at all. It is the only option you can have when your pet eats or drinks coffee. There is no antidote to this problem that you can buy and feed your pet. That is why you should rely on the vet for this problem.

The vet will come and help your dog induce vomiting. This is because when your dog or cat vomits, the coffee might come out with that. Also, your vet might give some medication for drugs for lowering blood pressure. If the dose of caffeine is higher, your pet might need to be hospitalized.

That is the presentation is the best. You should always keep your coffee in a coffee grinder or out of the reach of your dog or pet.


You may love your pet more than anything. That is why it is important to react immediately and correctly to save your dog from this problem. Be calm and call the vet to solve the problem. For maximum protection, you should keep all the caffeine-related products out of the reach.

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