Dogs Healthy Food Healthy Dog Happy Dog – With Carrots



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Dogs Healthy Food Healthy Dog Happy Dog – With Carrots


TheDogTrainingLady September 11, 2015 No Comments on Dogs Healthy Food Healthy Dog Happy Dog

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Dogs – Healthy Food Healthy Dog Happy Dog

Not these treats

Over the last couple of weeks, we have talked about healthy food for your dog. We have talked about healthy human foods to keep you dog healthy and happy.

When your dog thinks they are getting your food, ever notice a change in their attitude.
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It almost seems like they think they are getting one over on you. Now don’t be giving them this healthy food from your dinner table. It should be added to their regular meals, or given as a treat.

On this weeks menu of healthy food for a healthy dog is baby carrots. Baby carrots can be added to their food, or if your dog is into them, they can be used as a great low-calorie snack.

Baby Carrots have a great crunch factor that is good for your dog’s teeth. They are also high in fiber and beta carotene/vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin C. These are all good things for humans too. How are they healthy food for a healthy dog?

Two weeks ago, we talked about green beans. I must say my dog Mary has taken very well to these being added to her meals. Due to the fiber content in them, and not wanting to overfeed. I have cut back slightly on the kibble and add a cup of green beans. So far, it is going well.

Last week we talked about apples. Mary is not a fan of eating them as a treat. I did add some “no sugar added” applesauce to one of her meals and she seemed okay with that. Therefore, I am really considering trying the grated apple over her food as a topping.

As with all new introduction of food to your dog’s diet, you need to be mindful of any reactions they may…
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Always check with your veterinarian for any unusual signs, and be sure to tell them what new healthy foods you have tried out. Dogs can have allergies too, so pay attention to any new symptoms that could arise.

Okay, so now that my disclaimer is out-of-the-way, and keeping me out of trouble. Lets move on to the benefits of baby carrots.

You may be asking why baby carrots and not regular carrots. Well I asked that same question. One website told me that baby carrots are regular carrots cut to size. Well that didn’t seem right. Therefore, when you want an answer about vegetable where’s the best place to go… A farmer.

There are “true” baby carrots and mature regular carrots cut to size. If you would really like to learn the process, I found a great article you can read on TodayIFoundOut.Com

The article mentions Grimmway Farm, one of the U.S. top carrot producers, and you’ll get the low down on this amazing story.

After all that, let’s get into why this is a “Healthy Food Healthy Dog Happy Dog” food choice.
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So first on the list is Vitamin A/Beta Carotene. We humans have been told to eat carrots to help our eyesight. Does this work for dog’s?

Beta-carotene is already added to most dog foods because it is good for their diet. So, would giving them more cause problems?

Dogs that get to many vitamins in their diet are called hypervitaminosis, which can develop bone problems and weakness.

To reach a level of toxicity that would harm your dog’s health is extremely high. Giving them a baby carrot or two is perfectly fine. Be sure to cut it into small pieces to prevent choking hazards.

It’s not likely that you will improve your dog’s eyesight. It has been shown when used prophylactically in can help to prevent cataracts and other eye diseases.

Don’t be worried if you toss your dog a few slices of baby carrots as a treats.

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin. Vitamin K supplements is not something that your dog needs nor do people.

Vitamin K is needed for the proper clotting of blood. It may also help prevent osteoporoses.

From my research, the AAFCO has no recommended levels of vitamin K in dog food. This seems to be more of a cat issue. Cats that eat a diet that is more than 25 % fish may need a supplement. That would all be up to a discussion with your vet.

Excess vitamin K is unlikely to be a problem in pets. So no worries here.

We discussed the benefits Vitamin C in the post about green beans. Vitamin C is good for your dog. Dr Wendell O. Belfield, DVM made great breakthroughs with Vitamin C, as you read in last weeks post.

So yes, your dog can east baby carrots. They make a great snack, or a tasty addition to their meal. However you serve them up, they are good for them. Making for a Healthy Food Healthy Dog and Happy Dog.

If your dog loves carrots, I would love to see pictures or just leave a comment on how they enjoy their baby carrots.

Allow your pet to enjoy some green beans, apple slices, and a few baby carrot treats.

These foods are a great way to providing Healthy Food for a Healthy Dog, and a Happy Dog.

If there is a particular human food, you have questions about. Drop me a line at

In the meantime, I will be looking at whits on next weeks menu, and reporting back how my dog, Mary responds to her new menu items.

Let me know what human food your dog likes to eat. I love to hear about it. Pizza doesn’t count.

Until Next Time
Paws & Wags,
Suzanne Dean, ABCDT

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