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Ebola Virus

Ebola it’s been all over the news and concerns are rising.

You can’t turn the TV on without hearing a story about Ebola.

People in the United States have contracted the disease and, unfortunately we had a fatality. Those of us that have pets are now concerned for them. The world takes a different view when it comes to pets. They find it easier to euthanize them as opposed to taking risks. We need to tread carefully with this thought process.

When a Spanish nurse was suspected of having Ebola her dog Excalibur was euthanized. Now that she has tested negative for the disease, there is no turning back for Excalibur. If you would like to read more on the story of Excalibur I have supplied a link to his story.

Recently, I watched a news story in which a dog in Dallas being quarantined in an undisclosed location, and is being watching for signs of sickness. This is a much better alternative. What the government needs to remember is these are our family members, not just any animal.

Cat and Dog – Our Pets

So what do we do as pet parents? Calling your vet is not going to help much at this stage. Questions are still being raised for humans, as I am sure that all vets are now scrambling for answers also, they too must look to the Veterinary Medical Association, as well as the CDC for answers.

I hope to answer some of the questions we as pet parents have now in this article. Here is the current news on Ebola and our pets.

The continuous epidemic of Ebola in West Africa has raised many concerns about how the diseases influence on the animal population, and specifically, the danger to the family pet. While the info readily available proposes that the virus could be discovered in many sorts of pets, CDC, the United States Department of Agriculture, as well as the American Veterinary Medical Association do not believe that pets are at much risk for Ebola in the United States.

Exactly how are animals associated with Ebola breakouts?

In some earlier Ebola break outs, primates were likewise influenced by Ebola, as well as multiple spillover occasions took place when people touched or consumed contaminated primates. In the current West African epidemic, animals have actually not been found as a reason in ongoing Ebola transmission.

Exactly how does Ebola spread?

When infection occurs in humans, the virus could be spread in many ways to others. Ebola spread only when direct contact (with broken skin or mucous membrane layers in, such as, the eyes, nose, or mouth) with blood or body fluids (consisting of but not limited to urine, spit, sweat, feces, vomit, breast milk, as well as sperm) of a person that is sick with Ebola. It can also spread from any items (like needles and syringes) that are infected with the Ebola disease.

Ebola is not spread out via the air or by water, or generally, through food. Nevertheless, in Africa, Ebola could spread as an outcome of consuming bush meat (wild pets hunted for meals) and identified with infected bats.

Only a few species of creatures (as an example, apes, monkeys, and humans) have revealed the ability to become contaminated with, and spread the Ebola virus. There is no evidence that insects or various other bugs can transfer the Ebola infection.

Can pets get infected or ill with Ebola?

Currently, there have actually been no records of felines or canines becoming ill with Ebola or spreading Ebola to people or various other animals. Even in locations in Africa where Ebola exists, there have been no signs of becoming ill with Ebola. There’s limited evidence that dogs end up being infected with Ebola virus, yet there is no proof that they transmit the illness.

Here in the United States, are our pets in jeopardy of becoming sick with Ebola?

The risk of an Ebola break out affecting many people in the United States is really reduced. The danger to animals is likewise very low, as they would certainly have to come into contact with blood as well as body liquids of a person with Ebola. Even in locations in Africa where Ebola exists, there have actually been no records of cats or canines becoming sick with Ebola.

Can I contract Ebola from my dog or cat?

Right now, there have actually been no records of pet cats or dogs becoming ill with Ebola or of having the potential to disperse Ebola to people or animals. The possibilities of a pet being exposed to the Ebola infection in the United States is extremely low as they would certainly have to come in contact with blood, as well as body fluids of a symptomatic person ill with Ebola.

Can my dog’s body, fur, or paws disperse Ebola to a person?

We do not yet know whether a pet’s physical body, paws, or fur could get, as well as dispersed Ebola to people or various other animals. It is essential to keep animals and people far from blood or body fluids of a person with signs and symptoms of Ebola infection.

What if there is an animal in the house of an Ebola patient?

CDC suggests that public health, and wellness authorities in partnership with a vet check the animal’s danger of direct exposure to the virus (close or direct exposure to blood or body fluids of an Ebola patient). Based upon this evaluation, as well as the particular situation, local, state animal, and human health officials will establish exactly how the animal must be taken care of.

Can I get my dog or feline tested for Ebola?

If there were no exposure to an individual affected with Ebola, there would not be any kind of reason to check a dog or cat for Ebola. Currently, routine screening for Ebola is not available for dogs or cats.

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