Egyptian Mau


Mau in the Jungle from Exspotica Cattery

The Egyptian Mau is the oldest known domestic cat with recorded records dating back to 1400 BC (MAU is the Egyptian word for CAT.)  The only naturally spotted domestic cat, requiring little grooming.  The fur is silky with a dense texture resilient to the touch.  Wedge-shaped face with some roundness; large and pointed ears.  “M” marking on its forehead.  Vivid green eyes.  Cheetah-like gracefulness.

  • BREED TYPE:  Natural
  • BODY TYPE:  Semi-cobby
  • COAT TYPE:  Shorthair
  • SIZE:  Medium
  • TEMPERAMENT:  Moderately active and adventurous.  Devoted and loyal.  Soft, singing voice.  An excellent pet.
  • COLORS:  Silver, bronze, black smoke

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