Expensive Groming

Why is Getting My Dog Groomed So Expensive?


By Robin Kasper

As a dog groomer I hear it all the time. “Why does having my dog groomed cost so much? I don’t pay that much for my own hair cut. Maybe I will just groom him myself!” People never seem to understand what exactly a groomer does that costs so much. Well I decided to write this article to set the record straight.

We as groomers are not trying to rip you off. We know your haircut may cost less then your dogs but there are many reasons why we charge what we do. First off you only have hair on your head. If your whole body was covered with hair that needed trimming then your stylist would surely raise their prices. There is really no comparison between your own hair cut and what a groomer does for your dog. And when we consider some of the services that your dog groomer has to perform it is a good thing that there is no comparison between dog grooming and our own hair cuts. I seriously doubt you would want anyone expressing your anal glands which I don’t think humans even have. Also your stylist does not have to give you a sanitary clip and if they do I bet it cost more then having your dog groomed.

So now that I have made it obvious that your typical groomer performs certain services that go way beyond the average humans hair cut lets look at some other reasons dog grooming can be expensive. Your average dog groomer may charge anywhere from $35 to $100 dollars for a standard grooming depending on the size of your pet and issues such as coat condition.

So every morning you wake up and at some point you hopefully brush or comb your hair. I would be willing to bet that most of you wouldn’t leave your house without first doing this. Although, how often do you brush your dog? Matted coats are a common scene at the grooming salon. Some of them may be so bad they could even be considered neglect or cruelty. In many cases were matting is the issue the coat can not be saved and may have to be completely shaved down. This is a time consuming process that most groomers will charge extra for. If you want to avoid extra cost for grooming take care of your dogs coat at home by regularly brushing it out. Not only is this good for your dog’s skin and coat it is a great way to bond with your pet.

Grooming can be a tough business. I am guessing that you have never bitten your hair dresser. At least I hope you haven’t. I am also guessing you tend to sit very still while your stylist cuts your hair. Well, your dog may not always be as considerate of the groomer. Being a groomer takes great patients and the ability to guess what your new client might do next. While this may seem trivial it is one reason that dog grooming can seem costly. We never know what a new client is going to be like until we have finished grooming them. We take a chance everyday of being bitten., scratched, urinated on, and much more.

So the next time you take your dog to the groomer don’t be so quick to complain about the price of your dogs haircut. Groomers work very hard and most or underpaid for what they do. We take good care of your pets and treat them with the same love that we treat our own. If the price is still too steep you may want to begin grooming your dog yourself at home. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if you run back to the groomer after the first self groom. I believe that sometimes until you try it yourself you will never understand how much work goes into making your dog absolutely beautiful.

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