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What Can Hamsters Eat from Home?

What do hamsters eat and how can you keep them healthy? Hamsters can eat a variety of foods. This means getting what to feed your hamster is easy. However, it is essential to feed hamsters well and keep them healthy. The best food for hamsters should have all the necessary nutrients. A simple, balanced diet will suffice. Here are some food that you can feed your hamster.

Fresh foods

Hamsters, too, need fruits, herbs, and vegetables. Feed your hamster enough vitamins from fruits like apples, pears, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, mangoes, and peaches. For vegetables, go for leafy greens. Hamster can also be fed on cabbages, broccoli, clovers, carrots, kales, or cauliflowers.

Remember that hamsters are very small animals; therefore, you should not feed them a lot of vegetables. Too much vegetables may cause diarrhea. Feed the hamster some of the common herbs such as sage, coriander, or basil. Make sure you wash any fruit, vegetable or herb you feed your hamsters.


Feed your hamster small amounts of proteins. You can give them a tiny piece of hard-boiled egg. Mealworms also contain good amounts of proteins. Avoid too much nuts, such as almonds and peanuts. They have fatty content that may lead to your hamster being obese. When feeding proteins, make them small treats and not the main components of the meal.

Dry foods

Hamsters love cereals and whole-grain bread. Serve your hamster these foods at least once a day. You could always feed your hamster complete meals or hamster mix. These are pellets and contain a mixture of the nutrients that the hamster needs.

Hamster mix may be the best food for hamster. Give your hamsters some hay that has plenty of fiber. You can purchase them from your local pet store. Always remember to regulate the amount you feed your hamster.


Water is necessary for all animals. You do not want your hamster dehydrated or constipated. Provide clean water for your hamster to drink. You can place a water bottle that has a metal spout where your hamster stays. Ensure you keep the water fresh and the bottle clean.

The Don’ts When Feeding Your Hamster from Home

  • Do not feed your hamster too much food. About a tablespoon full is enough for the hamster. Feeding them too much food, especially those with sugar, may lead overweight and hence susceptible to diabetes.
  • Do not feed your hamster yeast or alcohol. They are potential toxins to your hamster.
  • Do not feed them any onions or citrus foods. They contain a lot of acids that is not good for your little friend.
  • Do not assume the hamster has finished all the food. They are very good at hoarding food. They hide them somewhere in their cages and continue later.

Final Words

If you were wondering what to feed your hamster, I hope the above hamster food list has given you some ideas. It is essential to know the right diet and the safe food for your pet. They can eat fresh food ranging from vegetables and fruits among others.

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