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How to Ensure That Your Kitten Eats Right for Healthy Growth

When you first bring in a new kitten into your home, the first few days are a blur of feeds, cleaning up the litter, and ensuring she gets lots of sleep; then follows the endless routine of training, visits to the vet, vaccinations, toys, clothes, and the whole paraphernalia that doting cat parents revel in. Some useful tips and tricks that promote a healthy feeding habit that takes care of her proper growth:

Use Small Bowls

You just need to look around and you will discover that most house pets are overweight. While some people think that a fat cat is more adorable, the truth is that just like human beings, obesity leads to multiple health problems. One practical tip to easily control the amount of food, you give to your kitten is to use small size bowls. Even when you fill them up, the total amount of food is still less than what you would have given by using a large bowl.

Expose Your Kitten to New Flavors

The development of your kitten’s taste preferences is formed during the first few months. If you do not want your kitten to reject most food flavors as she grows up, you should give her various types of food in the early days. Treat her to both freshwater and sea fish, oily fish like anchovies, tuna, sardines, beef, chicken, turkey, etc. If you want to give her packaged cat food, make it a point to check with the vet regarding the nutritional profile. Some foods may cause stomach upsets initially so having an automatic poop cleaner can be very useful. Visit catworld.co/litter-robot-reviews/ to know more.

Limit the Number of Treats and Make Sure They Are Healthy

Pet food companies take advantage of the desire of owners to please their pets and give them lots of unnecessary high-calorie treats that only increase their weight and put them at extra risk of many diseases, including diabetes and cancer. While it is perfectly okay to treat your kitten, you should stay away from the commercial ones and instead try to give them a healthy alternative in the form of salmon or tuna flakes. According to https://www.huffingtonpost.com.au, most treats contain too much salt or sugar, which is not good for your kitten.

Monitor the Weight of Your Kitten

Your kitten needs to grow in a controlled manner. If you overfeed, then there is every chance, that your kitten will become obese, which is likely to result in multiple health problems in the long run. Conversely, a poor or insufficient diet will also hamper proper growth and lead to problems arising out of the lack of appropriate nutrients. Be sure to note your kitten’s weight every time you visit the vet and ask if the growth curve is normal. Inquire if you need to change the diet is anything is out of line.


Having a pet cat at home can be a very satisfying experience. However, you must look after its growth and health by giving the right kinds of food in the right quantity. Expose them to new flavors early on so that they do not grow up to be finicky eaters and ensure they get the right nutrition.

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