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This Page was Updated: September 4, 2020

Some of the articles presented may be “older” than expected. These remain in the listings because, while dated, they may contain usable information about your pet. This is not intended to replace any information provided by your vet or other experts concerned with your pet’s well being – it’s preliminary background information only.

PGAA’s mission is to help its readers select a pet that fits their lifestyle and then provide the information needed to provide information necessary for that pet to enjoy a happy and healthy life:

Living With A Cat:  general articles about living with cats;

Cat Breeds:  breed profiles;

Cat’s Health:    articles to help you understand feline health issues;

Cat Web Links:   an indexed list of web site links relating to cats; and,

Selecting Your Cat:   a matrix to guide you to the right breed for your lifestyle

Pet Rescue and Adoption provides U.S. and Canadian rescue listings by state and territory plus other rescue information.

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