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Animal Welfare


American Humane Association – Protecting Animals

Breeds, Breeding and Breeders

Cattery Search your online resource for cats wild to domestic

Cat Fanciers Web Site

Critter Titter!  The hand held nursing pillow is easy to use and extremely effective for nursing orphaned kittens (or small animals), offering support for the infant, while the texture of the fabric encourages infant to knead and suckle.

Fluffy Feet  “I started this blog because I love animals and I want to help them find good homes when the  need arises.  I hope to bring attention to all the breed rescues out there so that people with a particular type of dog or cat in mind can adopt  the pet they favor.”

How to choose the right Pet — detailed tips on choosing the right Dog, Cat, Rabbit, or Hamster.  Choosing a pet is a very important decision. Pet choice provides information and tips on choosing the right Pet. Including – picking the right breed, where to buy, along with how to feed and care for your new family member.

Kittens.  Cat breeders, find kittens, products for breeders and breeding tips at CatChannel.com.

Save-A-Pet.  SaveAPet, a U.K. site, contains over 40 articles written by their experts who continually update and add new content regarding pets.


Discussion Groups


Pets-life  “Pets-life is an animal specific support network, created by and for the pet-caring community.”  “Pets-life brings members of the pet-caring community together. Connections are made and maintained between pet owners, animal health care providers, pet care professionals, shelters and rescues and reputable breeders to increasing the quality of a pet’s life.”

Pet Forums – Pets In Touch is an interactive social network putting pets and their owners “in-touch” with others around the world. Our goal is to create an open forum for ownership diversity and everyone to share the very best of these important pet pals that are unique to each of us and make a difference in our day-to-day lives.

General Cat Links

Cat Food Reviews.  The question is, what type of cat food will provide the best source of nutrition for your cat? This is when you can rely on Cat Food Reviews.

Cat Pictures New cat pictures posted daily. Funny and cut

Cat Video Ring Tones Kittens and Cats are now your video ringtone! Yes, this is “furreal”, cat videos for every incoming call, life will never be the same.

Cat Sitting.  National listing of Cat Sitters.

Want to get an answer to a cat health question?  Or, for that matter any question on a huge variety of life subjects.  Go to Just Answer.  Select an “expert”, ask your question, and “Get Answer” in real time.

Kitten Handbook.  Getting a new kitten can be a fun and exiting thing. However, owning a pet comes with much responsibility. Do you think you’re ready to handle taking care of a newborn kitten? If you are looking for help on how to properly care for a newborn kitten, the tips below will give you all of the information you need to raise and love your new pet!

Names for cats Cat Names Meow is the web’s largest databases of cat names.

Open Your Heart With Pets – Blog  How do pets enhance our lives and motivate us to live in a more open-hearted way? Author Janice Phelps Williams explores the benefits of pet guardianship.

Save-A-Pet.  SaveAPet, a U.K. site, contains over 40 articles written by their experts who continually update and add new content regarding pets.

Self Pet Care Best cat dewormer