Foods That Are Sometimes Okay To Give Your Cat


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Baby Food

Some people recommend baby food as a way to encourage sick kittens to eat more.

Baby food is only safe for your cat if it contains absolutely no onion powder – and many “meat only” products contain onion powder.

Baby food is engineered to fit the nutritional needs of an omnivorous human infant. Too much for too long and your house predator will face vitamin deficiencies.

Dog Food

Dog food isn’t toxic or dangerous per se, but don’t make the assumption that the two are basically the same and fill your cat’s feeding dish up with dog chow.

Dogs have a more robust diet than cats, so they enjoy a wider range of ingredients.

Cats have specific nutritional requirements that dog food isn’t designed to satisfy.

Fat Trimmings

Most of the meat cats eat in the wild have very low-fat content. That’s why cats are so sensitive to fat; they need just a very little bit to go a long way.

Too much fat, whether it’s from meat or nuts or dairy, can lead to inflammation of the pancreas.

Left unchecked, it’s eventually fatal.

Raw Fish

This was the hardest for me to accept. Cats and fish seem like an iconic duo.

Maybe it’s not up there with mice, but I assumed it was a staple.

Actually, cats historically only ate fish when the opportunity arose. Cats prefer meat with less fat.

Too much raw fish leads to thiamine deficiency. Canned tuna is also risky, so make fish a treat rather than a habit.

Oh, and some cats will refuse to eat anything else after they’ve tasted fish, so be careful.

Raw Eggs

Raw eggs carry the enzyme avidin which inhibits the absorption of certain B-vitamins in cats.

Oh, and don’t forget about salmonella, a deadly pathogen that needs no introduction.

Raw eggs can be fed to your cat in moderation as long as the eggs are clean and come from a healthy hen.

Raw Meat*

Anything raw can potentially give your pets food poisoning. Meat especially can harbor bacteria like E.coli which cause a whole list of nasty digestive symptoms.

* Now, I don’t want to make it sound like I think raw meat is necessarily bad – just that you need to be as picky as your cat when it comes to buying and handling your meat. We’re big fans of feeding your cat a diet as “natural” to it’s predatory past as possible, including a well-prepared, healthy and VERY CAREFULLY MADE raw food diet. Just…be careful and take steps to avoid harming your cat.

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