Fresh Foods Better for Dogs?


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Is Fresh Food Better for Dogs?

With fresh food for pets taking off in a huge way, many people wonder, “Is fresh food better for dogs?” If it is, what are the benefits of feeding your dog fresh food over more traditional kibble or wet food? This is what we want to answer below.

Defining Fresh Dog Food

Over the past few years, the fresh pet food industry has exploded with dozens of companies offering different recipes, subscription plans, ingredients, and prices all shipped straight to your door. But what is fresh pet food and is it really better?

Fresh pet food is food that manufacturers make and flash freeze before shipping it out to you. The food arrives frozen, and you defrost it in the refrigerator before giving it to your dog to eat twice a day.

There isn’t any preservatives or chemicals in this dog food because it doesn’t last much longer than a week in your refrigerator. You have to freeze it for it to last longer, and this means that many people see it as a healthier option for your dog over commercial wet food or kibble.

Why Did Fresh Dog Food Take Off?

Fresh dog food really started to take off when pet parents noticed that traditional dog food, even healthy dog food, has a lot of preservatives and it’s processed so much that a lot of the nutrients get phased out by the time it hits your dog’s bowl. Fresh dog food goes through a slightly different process, and this helps it retain a lot of the vitamins and nutrients you won’t find in dry kibble.

The reasoning behind this is that commercial dog food has to be able to sit on a shelf for months at a time without spoiling. Fresh food gets shipped to you, and a lot of it is made to order. This allows it to forego the usual preservatives, and you can actually see the difference between the two.

How Fresh Dog Food Differs From Commercial Dog Food

There are a few key ways these two types of dog food differ. The biggest differences include but are not limited to:

  • Cooking – Commercial dog food gets a very high cooking temperature to enable you to store it for months at a time without it going bad. Fresh dog food has a lower and slower cooking temperature, and this is why it looks like actual food instead of hard kibble.
  • Human-Grade Ingredients – Commercial dog food has protein sources that aren’t approved for human consumption while most fresh dog food uses human-grade ingredients. This makes them more nutritious that dry dog food, and it’s usually higher quality.
  • Storage – You can store commercial dog food for months at a time in dry storage without a problem. Fresh food has a week to 10 days in the
    refrigerator before you have to freeze it, but certain brands can survive up to six months frozen.
  • Vitamins and Nutrients – Both commercial and fresh dog food have vitamins and nutrients, but commercial dog food’s can come from a huge range of sources and supplements. Fresh food gets vitamins and nutrients from the fruits and vegetables in the food.Is Fresh Food Better for Dogs?In short, yes. Even though it’s newer to the pet food arena, fresh dog food comes with a host of benefits that makes it healthier for your dog over commercial dog food. As your dog ages, this is extremely important because you want to add years to their lives.

    There are fewer ingredients that can trigger allergies in your dog, and it’s packed with fatty acids and vitamins that give your dog a healthy skin and coat. Fresh food is also easier for your dog to break down and digest each time they eat it.

    Bottom Line

    With so many different fresh pet food companies available, you can shop around and find the one that meets your dog’s needs while staying within your budget.  The benefits that come with making the switch to this type of dog food over traditional commercial are worth it.

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