From Puppy to Senior Citizen

From Puppy to Senior Citizen – Successful Building Blocks


You love your cute puppy. You spoil him or her. You enjoy every minute. Of course, there are problems. Everyone has to adjust. The puppy and you have to learn to live and play with each other. Sometimes, it seems like a war zone; other times it is a holiday with all the right trimmings.

Assuming you are in this for the long haul, you need to consider some basic concepts and approaches to ensure your dog lives to an old age. Training and love go a long way to ensuring your dog is safe. These measures also contribute to helping your dog towards this goal. Yet, you need to seriously look at some very basic building blocks if you want to keep your dog healthy. If you want your pet to stay with you as long as possible and to be as fit as possible, you need to look at, at least 3 basic areas: nutrition, exercise and environment. All three can help you extend the life of your dog in a healthy and productive manner.


At the heart of preventive health care measure is what you feed your dog. If your pet does not receive the proper nutrition, the chances of him or her living long, decrease. Make sure your dog is receiving the appropriate food. This means reading the labels and checking out the nutritional content of the components.

As a puppy, your dog requires more protein and essential fatty acids than older dogs. A puppy requires more energy to grow. Prince also needs a high quality dog food to ensure he can continue to run circles around you and your family. Puppy power requires food and lots of good food at that.

Be sure to provide adequate access to fresh, clean water to help in the digestive process and to replace the necessary body fluids. Young pups pee and poop a lot. As if, you need me to tell you this. The evidence is everywhere – one reason why housetraining is essential.

As your pup becomes a young adult, adopt the food according to his or her needs. This may depends upon the breed of the dog. Other factors include the nutritional requirements of its usage. A more active dog will require a higher octane food. Sloth-like dogs do not need as much or food designed for highly active dogs. As your pup ages, you may have to reduce salt and other intakes. Older dogs do not require the same amounts or types. Yet, this is not true of all dogs. Some dogs continue to burn of the calories until the day they die. Consult your vet. Know your dog and his or her needs. In some cases, maintenance food is a constant. You may have no need to move to senior dog food.


Exercise is the key to controlling excess energy in your pet. Puppies, young dogs, adults and seniors all require exercise in some form or other. Get into the habit of regular exercise sessions when your dog is a puppy. Maintain a regiment of daily walks, play periods and training. This will help your dog and you develop healthy life style habits.

If you allow your dog to lie around all day, it can increase the chances of health problems later. Lying around can lead to poorly developed limbs. Little or no regular exercise results in obesity. This is a growing problem among dogs. Although a fat puppy may be cute, a fat dog has increased health problems.

Excess weight on a dog produces similar health problems as those found in humans. Too much girth places stress on the bones, joints and ligaments. This can result in operations on the knee joints, hip replacements and serious cases of such things as osteoarthritis. In some instances, dogs lose the use of their legs.

Obesity in dogs can also increases the instances of heart attacks. If your dog already is predisposed to bone and joint problems or breathing issues, the chances of such health issues increases. If you do not make sure your dog receives proper exercise, you are putting your dog at risk. If you do not address weight issues as your dog develops, your pet may not reach old age.

The best cure for this is prevention. Make sure you do exercise your dog regularly. Join a group if you do not like to walk alone. Put your dog in a Doggy Care facility where he or she can play with other dogs. Make exercising the dog a family concern. Most of all make walking and playing with your dog FUN. This ensures exercising does not become a chore.


You effect the environment of your dog. When your mood shifts, it can impact upon your dog’s emotional sense of being.  If you are upset or unnerved, your dog can reflect your moods. How you feel and act can create anxiety and stress for your dog. A stressed animal is more apt to catch a disease. Always try to reassure your pet. Do not shut your dog out of the inner circle. In happy and sad times, remember you have a loyal companion who shares whatever you have, whatever you feel.

Always try to make the environment for your dog affable. Provide Nikita with the necessities of life and more. While your dog does need food, water and shelter, she does require more for her to be healthy and happy. If you want her to live to a ripe old age, keeping you company and being always supportive, you need to support her. Your dog needs to have all you can give her. Nutrition and nurture are two of the essential building blocks of a long and mutually satisfying relationship between you and your pet. Exercise ties the two together.

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