German Spitz

Non-Sporting Group – AKC Foundation Stock Service (FSS)

The photos are through the courtesy of Nueboree German Spitz Kennel  The photo of the mature dog on the left was taken by Ronald Bowden Photography

The German Spitz (Klein = Miniature and Mittel = Medium sized) are bright, alert and intelligent and can have a tendency to be noisy if not taught otherwise. They need comparatively little physical exercise, but they should be kept occupied so their keen intelligence doesn’t go to waste. They have profuse coats that can be taken care with weekly grooming — daily grooming would be required when they “drop” their coat. The German Spitz’s first reaction is to bark so they can be good guard dogs, but the barking can be controlled through training. They are good with children but the children must respect the dog’s size.  They do better with older children who understand how to treat the dog.  They won’t attack unprovoked at all, but they won’t endure abuse, either.  Early socialization is necessary to mix well with people and other pets.

Average Height(“‘s)
Average Weight (#’s)
Notes for owners
Mittel: 12-15 Klein: 9-11 1/2
Mittel: 15-24 Klein: 7
Bright and alert
Double coat with a long “harsh” outer coat Weekly. Daily if dropping coat Early socialization

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