Glucosamine for Dog Arthritis

Glucosamine for Dog Arthritis: The Safer Alternative


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In this article we will discuss how glucosamine can be used to treat arthritic disease in canines safely and effectively. Almost everyone who owns an older canine will encounter the problem of dog arthritis in the animal at some point in their lives. Generally, this joint disease only becomes noticeable in the dog’s later years of life. This form is usually called osteoarthritis in canines. When an owner suspects their pet may be suffering the effects of this degenerative disease, they should take their animal to the veterinarian for a complete diagnosis to determine if arthritis is the problem.

First of all, arthritis is a degenerating disease which affects the cartilage within the joints of the dog. This disease is identical to the one that attacks humans in their later years of life also. It should be noted that there are no cures for the disease itself. All pet owners can do is to mitigate the symptoms and ease the pain and suffering the animal experiences as much as possible. Glucosamine is an all-natural supplement that many vets are now suggesting animal suffering from joint arthritis should begin taking. Unlike many of the prescription medications that are on the market to treat the disease, glucosamine has virtually no side effects and is a completely natural supplementation which helps many dogs counter the effects of arthritis.

Many of the prescribed medicines available to treat osteoarthritis simply mask or hide the pain which the disease creates. They in no way help in alleviating the actual problem that the disease is causing. In other words, the degeneration of the cartilage tissue within the joints is not stopped. All that is happening with these prescribed medications is simply easing the pain that this degenerative disease is causing the animal. Glucosamine, on the other hand, actually assists the animal in rebuilding and regenerating the damaged tissues caused by the arthritic disease. Glucosamine contains the building blocks which the body uses to build the protective tissues within the joints. Therefore, when these necessary components of the cartilage are added to the canine’s diet they are better able to rebuild and reproduce the destroyed tissues inside the joints caused by the joint disease.

In addition to being much less expensive than prescribed alternatives, liquid glucosamine is also much easier to give since it often comes in a liquid form. All the pet owner must do is measure out required dosage for the animal and pour it over the dog’s food at meal time. The prescription drugs almost always come in the form of pills and tablets and these are quite difficult for some people to give their pets. The liquid version of glucosamine is also thought to be absorbed easier by the bodies of dogs for a more rapid intake.

It should be noted however, they glucosamine can require several weeks to several months of daily dosages before any positive benefits are experienced by the diseased animal. It totally depends on the dog himself and how for the disease’s progress as to how long it will take before any helpful benefits are seen with in a given animal. One of the most important things that dog owners must realize is that giving up on the supplementation using glucosamine too soon may forfeit their ability to help their animals in the long run. This is one reason that prescribed medications are so popular since they offer almost immediate benefits to the animal who is in pain.

In summary, when your dog is diagnosed as having joint osteoarthritis disease, be sure to ask the veterinarian about the options of using liquid glucosamine in place of prescribed medications to help treat the problem. The vet may have in stock their own versions of glucosamine which can be purchased directly or there are other online retail stores specializing in glucosamine supplementation products for dogs.

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