Great Pyrenees

Working Breed

Joy and Dancer and new pup from Blackhavens Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyreness, or Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog, is a large 100 pound plus loyal and obedient dog that will guard you, your house and your livestock.  It is a wonderful family dog who is patient and loving with children, especially if it was raised in the family as a puppy.  Some can be dog aggressive but usually get along with other family pets.  A dog meant for a life in the country with room to roam and a daily chance to exercise.  Needs firm and consistent training and handling, and does have a mind of its own.  They enjoy cool weather.  Weekly brushing.

Average Height(“‘s)
Average Weight (#’s)
Notes for owners
Double, long.  Sheds once a year. Weekly Not for an apartment.  Regular exercise.  Gentle with children.

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We STRONGLY recommend that you get your dog from a respectable breeder or rescue organization.  Pet store puppies may get their dogs from Puppy Mills that normally breed only for profit, not quality or concern for the puppy or its eventual owner.
If you would like help locating a breeder or rescue agency near you please E-Mail PGAA (, and let us know your city/state and the type of dog you are looking for.  Do not assume that PGAA has qualified all of the breeders or rescues on this site.  Do your own check of each breeder or rescue — be sure that you are comfortable with the organization before you buy, adopt or turn-over a dog.