Green Lawn = Happy Dogs




This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Kari Oakley



3 Reasons Your Dog Needs a Fenced Yard With a Lush, Green Lawn

Face it–your dog runs your household. If your dog isn’t happy, nobody’s happy.

You’ve seen the face, the big brown eyes staring up at you, pleading, while you’re sitting on the couch catching up on the latest episode of This Is Us . Instant guilt. You’ve heard the dog whine as your kids run outside to play, shutting the door in its face. Your heart melts. You’ve also cleaned up the “messes” left behind after ignoring the scratching on the door, signaling a need to go outside. Frustration. You’ve seen the results of boredom in the remnants of one of your best running shoes. Anger.

All of these big emotions are tied to the happiness and often unmet needs of your furry family member. Many of these needs can be met by simply laying down sod, fencing in a yard, and giving your beloved family pet an outside space to enjoy.

There are three very important reasons your dog needs a fenced yard with a lush, green lawn:

1. It gives your dog a place to run, play, and relax.

If your dog seems listless and depressed, it may be because he or she needs more sensory stimulation. The great outdoors offers the stimulation your dog needs: the sights and sounds of nature; the feel of cool, soft grass; the taste of bugs; and a smorgasbord of smells to keep your dog happy. Unfortunately, most dogs don’t get more than a few minutes outside each day, and that’s when they’re pottying.

If you’re lucky enough to already have a fenced in yard with a beautiful lawn, your dog will be in dog heaven. He or she can run freely and happily, play with dog toys, roll around to their heart’s content. And if you have enough room, you can even create a dog paradise : a digging area–a  sand pit is ideal–to bury toys, a nice shaded area for lazily lying around, and a water hole or shallow pool to run through and cool off in. If you don’t have a large space, you may want to think about designating a small outdoor space where your dog can at least lie down and relax and stimulate a few of its senses.

One thing to remember, however, is that a fun yard to run and play in doesn’t mean your beloved dog doesn’t still need a human to interact and play with. Make sure you spend at least thirty minutes each day in that amazing yard, giving your dog the human stimulation he or she also needs.

2. It gives your dog a safe and healthy place to be outdoors.

Besides the sensory stimulation of being outdoors, other health benefits of daily outdoor time for your dog are well documented: needed exercise, weight control, healthier skin and coat, and vitamin D for the heart and bones.

Having your own yard with an established lawn will give your dog a safe and healthy place to be outdoors and reap these benefits. With your own lawn, you can be assured the grass your dog ? runs on (and occasionally eats) isn’t covered with pesticides. You can make sure the plants you have aren’t toxic. And you can make sure your fence provides safe and secure boundaries for your trusted companion.

3. It gives your dog a place to do his “business.”

One of the best perks of having a lawn is a convenient place for your dog to do his or her “business.” Ideally, your dog should be pottying at least three to five times per day, with no more than six to eight hours between trips. If you don’t have a yard, that’s a lot of time expended taking your dog for potty walks at often inconvenient times or during less than ideal weather conditions.

The biggest drawback to having your dog do his or her “business” in your yard, is lawn damage. The nitrogen concentration in the urine can cause either a fertilizing effect or a lawn burn with dead patches. One way to avoid random dead spots throughout your yard is to set up marking  stones or designated areas to direct your dog toward. If you can collect your dog’s urine and apply it to the designated area, after two to three weeks, your dog should be trained to only go on that specific spot on the yard.

Even with designated pottying spots, dogs still have accidents just like potty-trained children. The best way to ensure your yard stays beautiful is to engage lawn care services that are safe for pets . They have the knowledge base to help with tricky situations that may be caused by your pet–the urine spots, the worn areas from running and playing, and even holes from digging. We don’t get rid of our children because they cause messes and sometimes break things; we don’t get rid of our family pets if they do similar things. We utilize the services  available to help deal with problems when they arise.

A fenced yard with a lush, green lawn is a great investment if you have a dog: it gives your dog a place to run, play, and relax in a safe and healthy outdoor environment. It gives you a place to bond with your dog and the convenience of pottying your pet without always going for walks. Besides, if you let your dog take advantage of the great outdoors in your own backyard, you’ll find those big emotions connected to your dog are more joyful than guilty, broken-hearted, frustrated, or angry.

Kari Oakley gained a love for fitness and animals as a young girl in Wisconsin. She spent each summer on some type of adventure, either a day at the lake with her family or just hiking with her friends. She took her love for fitness with her through college to get her degree in Kinesiology (Exercise Science). She has been working as a personal trainer/life coach in the Chicago area for the past 3 years. She has recently decided to share her passions with lower income schools in Chicago to help children develop a knowledge and love for fitness. When Kari started working with the kids in Chicago, she decided she wanted to share her knowledge and passion with as many people as possible. She has been freelance writing alongside ever since.