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5 Tips: How To Select The Best Pet Groomer



By: Farna Vahdad

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We love our pets. They are part of our family and need undivided attention. When searching for a family doctor, dentist, school or even a place of hang out, we review their qualification, credibility and service so the family be in good hands. Do the same for pets when it comes to finding the best pet groomer who fits the pet’s personality.

Mobile pet grooming is trending and becoming the best next thing.. Mobile pet groomers are an amazing way to find and locate clients. Many groomers travel to the clients and others communicate their various location using Twitter.

How to find a good pet groomer?


Ask friends


To find any service professionals get the best referrals from friends and family. Use Bids By Pros project format to post your inquiry. Include any pictures, full details, and attachment to explain what need from a pet groomer. Publish the project and share via Social Media with friends and families. They see an attractive put together project that is hard to ignore. At this time, social media friends will take part and recommend their favorite pet groomer. Bids By Pros members are very caring and helpful. They engage into the posted project and respond in the “project message board”.

Collect the names and contacts then make a list and follow the tips bellow to select the best pet groomer:

“5 tips: What to look for in pet groomer and pet grooming stores”


  1. Licensing for pet grooming Business?In most States no specific licensing required for pet grooming business. So for a pet grooming business is not necessary to obtain a mandatory State license. But in California, this step is progressing to regulate pet grooming with license after few horrific incident and many complains. Pet groomers can start working after few hours of training. But most obtain a pet grooming license and diploma after extensive training in related college. Since no prior education or training is mandatory, it depends on the individual who is caring enough to be a groomer.Other become “Master Groomers”. To obtain this certification, they go through an extensive training on pets anatomy, CPR, safety, hygienic, pesticide danger, and remedies for pets. Many pet groomers are member of a NDGA (National Dog Groomers Association). To choose the right groomer, discover their love and passion for pets.
  2. Time in business and experienceTo Judge the quality of a pet groomer based on the years in business is debatable. The more important quality is love and caring consistency. A groomer with enough love can do an amazing job without many years in business.  Pets have different breed. Dogs for instance, come in many shapes and sizes, short haired, long-haired, small, large and each have different specific ways to get groomed. Find out whether the selected pet groomer is familiar with the breed.
  3. Cleanliness and hygiene.
    • VentilationA clean pet grooming salon must be free of odor and should have a good ventilation, keeping the store within a perfect temperature.
    • Free of debris and dustThe shop should be free from any pet hair since fleas and ticks are unhealthy.
    • Using safe chemicalTo clean the store, pet shop owners must use pet friendly chemicals.
    • No carpetIt is best for a pet grooming and any other pet related shops to have no carpets on the floor for easy cleaning.
  4. Offering private cleaning room per pet.Many folks prefer to see a private space for grooming. The grooming are must be designated.
  5. Clean and safe practice.
    • Trim tableReview the pet groomer practicing on a pet before committing your pet for grooming. The trim tables should be comfortable and stable.
    • Brush, scissors, nail clippersAn expert pet groomer sterilizes the trimming equipment before and after use.
    • Shower and sprayThe showers tub should be standard size and comfortable. The groomer must adjust the shower head to a delicate pressure and temperature.
    • DryerPet dryer is very important, although handful of pet groomers use fans instead of standard hair dryer. Pets are vulnerable to catch cold after shower. Groomer must prepare a clean and soft towel then use pet dryer.
    • LightingHaving a proper light in every room is essential to practice as a pet groomer.

    Pets are daring and need special care and attention. The top quality in a pet groomer and pet grooming store is the love for pets. With enough love and care for their business, pet groomers gain enough experience to maintain the consistency and further education. To locate a reliable, caring, and clean pet groomer for your pet, post your request in

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