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HABRI, short for Human Animal Bond Research Initiative, is the fastest growing dog trend of 2016. What it refers to is working together to distribute a growing body of scientific proof that supports two links: (1) pet ownership and (2) enhanced human health. To put it more simply, it is research regarding the human animal bond.

Here are a few of the studies HABRI is working on:

  • One of the studies finds that dogs actually de-stresses families with autistic children.
  • Another study has worked on the hypothesis that veterans who have service dogs shows better health and wellness as compared to those receiving other treatment services while on the waiting list for a service dog.
  • Findings show a reduction in parent-child dysfunctional interactions among families with dogs.
  • An economic analysis was conducted and calculated, showing an $11.7 billion dollars in savings of U.S. healthcare costs as a result of pet ownership.

According to the press releases on HABRI, WASHINGTON, D.C. (PRWEB) OCTOBER 13, 2016, the research shows the harmonious and interrelated roles that animals, including pets, play in the integrated health of individuals, families, and communities. The research is widely funded and published to help educate and inform large social groups of society.

Current HABRI study-October 13, 2016

The study being done this month at HABRI is “New Research to Study Whether Therapy Dogs Can Lower Dose of Sedation in Children Undergoing Surgery.” It is designed to determine if a child’s interaction with a therapy dog for 20 minutes can reduce a child’s anxiety level. This, in turn, will lower the medication dose for sedation.

A grant of $79,000 has been awarded by HABRI to the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine for this study, focusing on the Effect of Animal-Assisted Intervention on Preoperative Anxiety and Dose of Sedation in Children. What its about is examining the effect of Animal-Assisted Intervention, (or AAI), on anxiety levels of children and dosages of sedation medication directly before surgery.

Results of the study may justify and crusade for animal-assisted interventions in diverse medical situations. It will also open doors for additional research on measurable medical outcomes that are associated with AAI.

“Scientific research has shown that therapy dogs in hospital settings can have a calming effect, ease stress and provide reassurance to patients young and old, and to their families as well,” said HABRI Executive Director Steven Feldman. “HABRI’s grant to the University of Tennessee will help advance the science on the benefits of companion animals in hospital settings. The more we can demonstrate the positive role pets can play in human health, the more people can benefit from the healing power of the human-animal bond.” (PRWeb)

Pet Partners, the leading organization in Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI)

Pet Partners, the leading organization in Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI), has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI). This joint venture is to advance scientific study and public policy that would recognize the positive impact that companion animals have on human health.

“In signing this agreement to develop a more formal working relationship with HABRI, Pet Partners recognizes the importance of developing scientific evidence that shows the positive human health outcomes associated with the human-animal bond,” said Annie Magnant, president and CEO of Pet Partners. “Together, along with the Pet Partners grassroots network of more than 11,000 therapy animal teams, we can share this science and advance policies that recognize the healing power of pets.”

Pet Partners and HABRI now work together to support pet-friendly public policies. They provide the network of Pet Partners therapy animal teams, along with the latest research results. This persuades more people and institutions to recognize the impact of animal assisted interventions.

“The phrase ‘human-animal bond’ was coined by Leo Bustad, one of the founders of Pet Partners,” said Magnant. “The importance of evidenced based outcomes is at the very core of the Pet Partners organization, so it is right that we formalize our relationship with HABRI to further our common mission.”

Together, HABRI will promote opportunities for Pet Partners therapy animal teams to participate in high-quality research projects. This examines the important role of companion animals in human health.

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