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This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Jenn Lee
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Pet Health 101: How To Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Dog owners need to make a daily effort to attend to their dog’s well-being. Here are some things that you should do to give your furry family member a happy and healthy life with you.

Feed Your Dog Food All Natural Food

Eating is one of any domestic animal’s greatest joys in life. If your dog isn’t excited for meals, it’s possible that they simply aren’t up to par. Well-made dog food should be sourced from all natural or organic ingredients, and it shouldn’t contain any unhealthy by-products or chemical additives.

Give Your Dog High Quality Health Supplements

A special supplement can help to fill any nutritional voids in your dog’s diet and optimize his or her intake of essential vitamins. In particular, a supplement can help your dog achieve and maintain digestive health and get the most out of the nutritional content in his or her regular food. You should look for a supplement that’s specially formulated by a veterinarian to provide key health benefits. Dr Marty makes a line of supplements that can help your dog with improved digestion, joint health, and longevity. Look for a Dr Marty Pets coupon code for extra savings on your first order.

Ensure That Your Dog Has Continuous Access to Fresh Water

Good hydration is essential to your dog’s health. Your dog doesn’t want to drink water that’s been sitting out all day any more than you would. In addition, water bowls need to be thoroughly cleaned every day, or they may contain bacteria and take on an odor that would be particularly noticeable to a dog’s acute sense of smell. Replace your dog’s water several times a day. If you won’t be home for an extended period of time, consider ordering a pet fountain that will keep your dog’s water fresh and oxygenated.

Help Your Dog Get Lots of Exercise

Your dog’s natural instincts drive him or her to be physically active for part of every day. Dogs feel happy when they have lots of opportunities to run around, jump, and play. Moreover, it’s important for your dog’s health that he or she is able to stay active and mobile. As dogs get older, regular exercise can help them maintain joint mobility and muscle tone. Ultimately, playtime outdoors is a fun way to help your dog stay happy and healthy.

Don’t Confine Your Dog to a Crate

Putting your dog in a crate has a purpose for house training when he or she is a puppy. However, a full grown dog doesn’t belong in a cage while at home for any period of time. Crating a dog can harm your dog’s physical and mental well-being. Dogs who are kept in cages will be more prone to suffer anxiety and exhibit behavioral problems. In addition, they may experience joint and muscle problems resulting from being kept in a small and uncomfortable area. If you need to keep your dog away from certain areas of your home, use a gate instead of a crate.

Give Your Dog Lots of Love and Attention

It has been reported that having a dog’s companionship improves can have an appreciable effect on people’s health and happiness. Likewise, a person’s companionship can improve a dog’s well-being significantly. Check here https://www.lajolladetail.com. Your dog wants to spend time with you, be praised, and be pets and scratches often. You don’t necessarily have to give your dog your undivided attention every second that you’re at home, but at least let your dog hang out near you to fill his or heart with contentment. If your dog can’t come in your bed with you, giving your dog a bed in the same room as you will help him or her rest easy.

Excellent food and supplements, fresh water, attention to your dog’s physical well-being, and all the love that you can give will make your dog happy and healthy. Show your dog that you’re just as great as he or she thinks you are by doing everything that you can to promote good health.

Jenn Lee, is a family blogger and proud parent of Reggie the Golden Retriever .