Healthy Products For Your Dog


This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Jenn Lee


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Healthy Products for Your Pup You Didn’t Know You Needed

Your pet will look to you to make healthy choices for them. As a part of your family, finding them the right products to support a happy and healthy life will be a major priority for you but also one that can be a big challenge. You may want to make all of the right choices to set them up for physical wellness but have no idea of how to get them on the right track. Consider these healthy strategies to promote wellness in your canine companion to support a long life.

Supplemental Products

While we hope to provide our dogs with a healthy diet full of nutrients, there are times where we can struggle to get this just right. Much like ourselves, there are times where dogs need vitamins and supplements to help support their many bodily systems to fill in areas that need a boost. Similar to us, we will want to know we made a good choice when selecting supplements to a daily diet. We need to check online feedback to do a proper investigation of the products we are giving our pets beforehand. By making sure the product has sufficient feedback during our evaluation, like nucific reviews, we can make a well-informed decision and feel comfortable with our choice.

Not All Foods Work for All Dogs

While there are all types of dog foods out there, not all types work for all dogs. It is important to find food out there that works for your dog and supports a healthy life. Make sure that you weigh your options and assess what your pup needs. Keep in mind that there can be many additives to dog foods, just like there are in human foods, so be prepared to research your options carefully.

Nothing Like Homemade

Dog treats are a great way to reward your canine companion; however, there are many choices out there that may not be the best option for our furry family members. For those avid bakers out there, consider creating homemade dog treats for your dog, so that you know exactly what goes into them. While your dog will likely not understand the work you put into these tasty treats, you will know that the special ingredient in these was love.

Technology-Savvy Assistance

In today’s world, we are surrounded by technology so it should not surprise you that there are devices out there to support your pet’s health and life that utilize technology. These technological answers for your dog can reward them with treats or warn others of their presence. Whether you choose an electronic treat dispenser to help them with separation anxiety or a light-up collar to signal their safety, there are technologically-savvy options for our furry friends.

Physical Aids to Support Their Health

Many dogs struggle with their legs and hips at the end of their life and some breeds have difficulty with heights due to their short stature. There are many assistive devices available to aid them with any physical mobility challenges that they have due to size or old age, including stairs and ramps to help them reduce the risk of injury or exacerbation of one.

Cleaning up the Mess

Pet owners should not be surprised by the fact that our furry family members can create big messes; however, messy paws can actually present a dangerous situation for your pup. Whether there are pesticides on lawns or salt used in icy months to melt snow, your canine companion can track this around on their paws. You need to understand that these chemicals can be toxic, and unknowingly, you may be letting them wander around with these harmful agents stuck to them. By purchasing a device that cleans their paws, you can avoid a messy home and keep your dog from hurting their paws or ingesting detrimental chemicals.

Dog owners take particular care to ensure that their pups live a happy and healthy life. This can be challenging to know all the different risks and dangers out there, but with conscientious care and attention to their health, you can be sure to give them the best life you can.

Jenn Lee, is a family blogger and proud parent of Reggie the Golden Retriever .