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Moving home doesn’t bring stress only to your life. Perhaps, it’s even more stressful for your pets. Especially for dogs. They like routines. Making them move to another city and another home isn’t that brilliant thing for them. First of all, if you’re moving to some big city, like NYC, you’ll probably be moving to a smaller apartment. So moving to NYC would make your dog feel claustrophobic in a way. If you’re moving from a house to an apartment, it would be an even greater shock. Because your pets like running around, and in a small apartment this is not an option. You’ll either have to walk your dog more often or prepare for a tough period of adjustment. Here we are with the tips on how to help your dog adjust to a new home!

Be there for your dog after the move

Step by step to making your dog happy in a new place

Don’t rush. You’ll have moments of sadness too. Therefore, you’ll need to adjust to a new home just like your dog. Only, you’re the one that understands what’s going on, and this is why you must be there for your dog. You’re a person that your dog/s trust the most, don’t disappoint them. There are plenty of things you can do to keep your dogs satisfied. We shall talk about a few that proved to be the most successful when you’re trying to help your dog adjust to a new home:

  • Keep old stuff and old routines, at least for a while. It will help your dog feel less annoyed.
  • Let your dog feel your love and support. You’re a whole world to your dog, so you must be very supportive, especially in first few weeks after the move.
  • Spend some quality time with your pet every day. No matter how tired you are, remember you need to help your dog adjust to a new home.
  • Don’t lose patience! This is a rule, and you must stick to it. Even if the period of an adjustment prolongs, you must be the one to show your dog that you understand what period he/she’s going through.

Old routines help your dog adjust to a new home with less stress

As we said, the dogs love routines. Keeping the same routine after you move helps them feel less annoyed and stressed, although everything else is different. It is advisable to read reviews of gorilla movers when you are looking for professional commercial movers in California. The same stands for the old stuff. If you want a fresh start, that’s ok. Buy another towel, TV, or chair. But don’t change the dog’s stuff just yet. The same toys, the same time to go out for a walk, and the same bad help your dog get over the relocation. Changing the residence feels so bad for a dog. Imagine that you were forced to switch your home, job, and city, and that happened in just one day. Nobody has warned you about it before. How would you feel? Angry, sad, disappointed etc., right? Well, that’s just how your dog feels.

Love and support are absolutely necessary if you want to speed up the period of an adjustment

Don’t be confused if your dogs refuse to go out, don’t want to play, or they just lay for whole day long, instead of looking lively and running around like before. As we said, the relocation is a very stressful event for dogs. They might even refuse to eat for a few days or look angry and upset. This is where your role as their best friend should come into play. If the dogs don’t want to go out, lay next to them on the floor. If they don’t feel like going out, you stay in too. Show a full support and love. The dogs feel that very much, and it would help them realize that they can count on you, even if everything else changed. If you truly want to help your dog adjust to a new home, you must put an effort even though you don’t feel well yourself.

Love and support help your dog adjust to a new home

Spend some great time with your dog – every day!

It doesn’t have to be some activity. As we said, if your dog feels like laying on the floor, you do that too. But once the dogs start getting over the relocation, they’ll want to go out, to run through the park, jump around, play with you. This is when you mustn’t refuse anything they want. Because if you fail them during this tough period, there’s a chance of losing their faith in you and feel less loved, which could lead to a lot more complicated consequences. It’s your dog, it’s your best friend, and there’s nobody who loves you more than your dog! Showing gratitude for that shouldn’t be that difficult task, right?

Never get impatient

At least never show that to your dog. I know, there will be days when you’ll feel like watching TV, listening to the music, and be alone with your thoughts. Unfortunately, leaving your dog to fight the stress alone isn’t an option. If you love your dog and you want to keep your relationship with your pet. Therefore, losing your mind, yelling, and ignoring your dog would be a complete disaster. Prepare your nerves before you move, or prepare for losing the best friend.
Getting the appropriate professionals helps a lot

Getting the appropriate professionals helps a lot

Talking about the very moving day, it’s essential to have the professionals trained for pet relocation. They’ll know how to treat your dog. Therefore, if moving to Brooklyn, pick Brooklyn movers with previous experience in helping families with the pets to relocate to another city. If your dog feels no stress during the moving day, there’s a big chance that you might not need to help your dog adjust to a new home. Because if the dogs are happy, they might feel like home the moment they enter that new NYC apartment. (keep in mind that keeping the old stuff helps a lot).

Hire pet professionals and let your dog feel no stress on a moving day

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