“Hey, I’m Talking To You. Something Is Wrong” Love, Your Dog



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Posted by Maureen Lake

Do You Know When Something Is Wrong?

Now and then your dog is trying to tell you something is wrong, or just not right. Suddenly your dog is pacing which is out of character for him. He’s laying down, getting up, walks to your side with his head down, stops by your chair and looks deep into your eyes. When your dog talks, do you listen? Do you know how to speak dog? Did your dog love to play and run for long periods of time? Maybe he’d play till the cows came home if you’d let him. Lately, he’s playing for 5-10 minutes before he gets pooped out. Maybe he’s bored and wants to play a different game… Or it could be that he has an underlying health issue. It could be physical, possibly trouble breathing or it could be that he’s hurting somewhere. A lethargic dog is a sign that something is bothering him and if it continues for more than a few days, see your vet. Dogs are wonderful at communicating and announcing life from the ground up! But do you really know how to listen? Dogs will send out subtle signs that something is haywire and we need to know when to tune in. Conversation is occurring all the time. Your dog’s information style makes perfect sense to them, but does it to you? Most behavior is very clear in focus. Dogs wag their tail, smile, sulk, cry, cuddle and more. But, when your dog acts out of character or does something suddenly unclear, take a moment to think about life from their perspective. It most likely is time to appraise the situation and behavior and put on your listening ears. Keeping an eye out is our job as a pet owner. We listen to learn about discomforts and distress. With our experience and our observation we will know how to act and react appropriately. Being in tune with your pup is being aware of subtle changes and nuances in their behavior.

Behaviors That Can Signal Something Is Wrong With Your Dog

Warning Signs That Something Is Seriously Wrong With Your Dog

  • Not wanting to be touched on the top of the head may signal a headache or trouble with their eyesight.
  • Head Pressing is a compulsive act of pressing the head against a wall or other object for no apparent reason. This generally indicates damage to the nervous system
  • Not wanting to be touched on their hips may signal pain or a fear issue.
  • Not drinking /eating or suddenly being finicky with their food:
    • Dogs stop eating for a variety of reasons including fever, pain or stress. It’s not out of ordinary for dogs to skip a meal or two but any longer should be a red flag.
    • Dogs that drink too much water may have a kidney disease or diabetes. If he has to go potty more often or has accidents in the house be sure and discuss this with your vet.
  • Sad eyes. Fido’s eyes are the gateway not only to their soul but their body as well. Cloudy or red eyes, discharge, or squinting could hint at an infection.

    A Change In Behavior Is A Red Flag Something Is Wrong

    If we listen we can catch things early, hopefully in time. It’s a brutal reality that some if not most people grieve their pet’s loss longer and harder than we do the loss of family and friends. We want our pets to live a long happy life but if we aren’t in tune to our pets we might not even realize they are suffering— until it’s too late. It’s vitally important to pay extra close attention to changes in your dog’s behavior. Your dog is speaking loud and clear. The discussion is ongoing. Your job is to monitor the discussion and faithfully listen.

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