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How To Cure Hot Spots In Dogs


My friend, Tracy, has a dog named Bella, who continually develops hot spots.  I wanted to find out why hot spots occur and if she could treat them at home rather than going to her veterinarian every time Bella has a break out.

First of all, hot spots are areas of the dog’s skin that become irritated and inflamed. These spots are usually a circular shape and are accompanied by hair loss, inflammation and sometimes a discharge of pus (not pretty, I know). Hot spots are actually a form of dermatitis and may result from allergy, flea infestation, behavioral problems or other causes. It is important to treat hot spots right away to prevent spreading.


Below are some steps you can try at home to cure the hot spot as soon as they appear.

1. Trim your dog’s hair carefully from around the hot spot so the area will be easier to keep clean. Clean the area with a mild antiseptic. You can use cotton balls to gently dab the area with the cleaning solution.

2.  Apply a cool compress to the hot spot for five minutes three to four times a day to soothe your dog’s sore skin.  Make sure your dog is flea free. Hot spots often occur due to flea bites. The fleas must be eliminated in order to prevent further skin irritation.

3.  Soothe sore hot spots with a dab of Vitamin E oil. Vitamin E oil is well known for its healing effects and dogs can also benefit from the oil. Dab Vitamin E oil on the affected area two to three times a day to help loosen the crusty areas that have formed and aid healing. It will soothe your dog’s itchy skin as well.

4.  Bathe the affected area of skin with cool tea to speed healing. Tea contains tannic acid which aids the healing process. Dab the affected area with a cotton ball that has been soaked in tea that has cooled. Repeat the process three to four times daily.


Feed your dog a healthy diet. If you’ve been shopping for bargains, you may need to upgrade to a premium dog food. Feeding your pet a good nutritious source of food can help heal skin irritation and prevent further irritation from developing. If your pet suffers from recurring skin conditions or has dull, thin fur, a change in his or her diet may be needed.

Give your dog a daily vitamin supplement that contains fatty acids known as Omega 3. This will help to heal hot spots and other skin conditions. Omega 3 fatty acids will speed healing, promote healthy skin and fur, and prevent further break outs of hot spots or other skin irritation.


Give the hot spots time to heal. Don’t expect a hot spot to go away overnight. It will take a little time for the skin to heal and the fur to grow back.  Check the spots daily to see if the area is healing. If the hot spot appears to get worse, consult your veterinarian immediately.

I hope these tips help and your dog is out of his or her discomfort soon!

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