How to Find a Trusted Breeder to Find the Right Furbaby



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So, you’ve decided to get a cat. But, before you rush to the pet shop to buy the type of purebred cat your heart is set on, make sure you’ve thought of everything. You are about to commit to a relationship that could last up to twenty years (longer than most marriages,) so you need to spend enough time to find a trusted breeder.
Let’s discuss your options.

Animal Shelters

An animal shelter is probably the last place you would have thought of to look for a purebred cat. But, here’s the reality: life can sometimes be very cruel on kittens, regardless of their pedigree. So, don’t be surprised to find a variety of cats for adoption in an animal shelter, from mixed breeds to British Shorthair or even exotic Sphynx cats.
Not only that you’ll be making a world of difference by saving a cat’s life (most of them end up euthanized) but adopting can also be very rewarding. Studies have shown that adopting comes with a variety of mental health benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety and making you feel better about yourself.

Once you’ve decided to look for a purebred cat in an animal shelter (and you’ve prepared your home for bringing a little ball of fur in), you need to start researching. Check the ones in your area first or browse through the numerous search platforms you can find online. You can also zoom in into the local rescues by using state listings. Make sure that the shelter you choose is devoted to improving the life of the animals.

Another option you might consider if you care about making a difference is saving a cat from the litter. It might sound a bit overwhelming to some – what if the cat carries diseases? Isn’t it dangerous to just take a cat I know nothing about? All of your concerns are understandable, but there are ways you can ensure your cat is in good health. For example, a cat’s fur is usually a good indicator of its health.

A Trusted Breeder

If you are keen on getting a very specific breed of cat, then a breeder might be the answer for you. But to choose consciously though, you want to make sure you find a responsible and caring cat breeder.

First of all, don’t purchase your pet from a backyard breeder. These persons are in the business just for the money, and they don’t care about the cat’s health or well-being. So, if the breeder can’t offer you a long-term guarantee of the cat’s health, then that person isn’t to be trusted. A professional breeder will not only ensure the cat’s health but even offer to replace it, should, God forbids, the cat dies.

Check online for extensive lists of breeders and study them carefully. Ask people who’ve purchased a cat from a breeder if they are happy with the choice. Or, attend cat shows and meet reputable breeders face to face and talk to them about your preferences and expectations.

Look into the breeder’s reputation and work ethic. Buying from a breeder might cost you a substantial amount of money, so you want to make sure you have all the information before you choose one. Talk and meet with several breeders until you find one you can trust.

Regardless of the choice you make, understand that buying (or adopting) a cat is a commitment. Ensure you are ready to embark on this journey.

Please be sure to check out this infographic, before you start a new life with a cute little fluffball;

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