How To Give Medications To Your Pets


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Tips for getting medications into your dog

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Getting dogs to take medications can be tricky at times – of course some dogs just gobble down whatever you offer them (my chocolate Labrador for example!) but others can be very particular about what they eat and can quickly be “onto you” when it comes to taking medications. Here’s some tips that might help:

1. You’re going to need some delicious food. Canned wet food, low fat peanut butter, low fat cream cheese, anything soft and yummy that your dog likes (I’ve even used a raspberry!).

2. “Pill Pockets” are widely available in pet stores and they can be good for pills and even liquid medications.

3. Firstly, try not to let your dog see you preparing the medications, whether it’s getting a pill out of a bottle or filling a syringe, they can quickly learn what comes next and take off running! Or be on the lookout for the medication in that blob of peanut butter you offer them!

4. Take 3 or 4 blobs of canned wet food, peanut butter or low fat cream cheese. Put the pill in one blob. Offer the dog 2 blobs of food that don’t contain medication. Then offer the 3rd piece with the medication inside quickly followed by the 4th blob.

5. Check with your vet first but if you can grind the pill down to a fine powder and mix it with something delicious you might be able to get the dog to eat it.

6. If nothing is working and you MUST get the medication into the dog or the medication is a liquid or tablet that must be dissolved, then you can dissolve the pills in warm water in a small syringe and then squirt that into the dog’s mouth. This is of course not fun for the dog but it is nicer than ramming a naked hard cold pill down their throat!

7. If you have several different medications to be given at the same time you can dissolve the tablets in one syringe and then transfer them to another syringe containing the other liquid medications. The syringe you use to dissolve tablets will need to be a little larger than the one you’re “decanting” into. See picture:

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