Human Food

Why you shouldn’t feed your dogs human food


Many people are aware that they should not feed their dog’s “people food.” But rarely are dog owners informed of why they should not feed their dogs human food…and the answer isn’t as simple as “because they will get fat,” though that may be a valid argument. Many foods (and beverages) that people consume are actually toxic and physically harmful to pets. Here is a little list of the most common foods that are toxic to dogs.

To start off the first argument (your dog’s weight), table scraps in and of themselves are often not harmful to your pet. However, it does develop poor eating habits, and excessive feeding from the table will cause your dog to gain weight, which can easily lead to other health problems that are difficult to control or help.

Most people are aware that chocolate is harmful to dogs. Why? Because chocolate contains caffeine, which can adversely affect a dog’s heart and/or nervous system. In light of this, coffee, tea, and other caffeinated beverages are not good for your pet!

Real bones (including fish bones) are also harmful, especially if they are baked or cooked. They can splinter or chip, which is bad news for Fido’s digestive system, not to mention bones also are a violent choking hazard.

Grapes and raisins contain toxins (researchers are still unsure about exactly what toxins) that are harmful to your pet, particularly their kidneys. It is a good idea to simply keep your pet away from all grape products for their ultimate safety.

Macadamia nuts also contain unknown toxins that are harmful for your pet if they are consumed.

The ingestion of mushrooms can cause shock and may even result in death, so beware of what is growing in your backyard and what is flavoring the plate you allow Fido to lick.

Alcohol can cause a coma, which can be fatal. So, keep an eye out for the spilled beer or wine bottle sitting on the coffee table!

Other common household cooking ingredients include onions and garlic. Whether they are raw, cooked, or in powder form (in large quantities), they have the ability to damage red blood cells and cause anemia. Please note that baby food often contains onion powder, which can also be toxic and may lead to nutritional deficiencies in your dog if it is consumed on a regular basis.

If you bake bread at home, don’t let Fido get his paws on any of that dough! Because the yeast has not risen yet, it can cause your pup’s stomach to bloat, in addition to causing extreme difficulty in the digestive tract, if it is not completely blocked.

Being aware of the common “people food” that is harmful to dogs presents a different view on doggie begging. You will need to think twice before handing your pup the leftovers on your dinner plate, and consider what you are giving them. You want your dog to stay as healthy and happy as possible. Do your part and keep your pet away from things that are bad for him!

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