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Why Are Some Cats Always Hungry?

I adopted a cat when I thought Lucy, my ginger colored tabby cat, needs a fellow feline as a part of enrichment. It was going all good until I realized the cat I adopted goes wild when I feed her. She just goes bonkers when I start going towards the kitchen every time and also growl, whine and asks for food. I have met so many cats like this one and also have been asked many questions regarding this issue. I will try to answer most of them in this article.

Psychogenic Problem

This is an extreme level of cat behavior when it comes to eating. The problem in medical terms is called “psychogenic abnormal feeding behavior”. Commonly observed symptoms are ravenous appetite all the time, eating and gnawing non-food items, food-associated aggressiveness, and excessively soliciting attention from their owners.

In this case, urinalysis and other blood tests show no problems and that again indicates that the underlying problem is psychological. That said, you should always seek an expert’s help or should consult your vet.

The treatment includes enrichment for cats, reduced exposure of stress, and a behavior modification program, food desensitization, and reward-based counter conditioning (encouraging good behavior with the help of rewards).

Cat Eating Too Much And Losing Weight

Your cat is asking for food too much and constantly keeps losing weight, there may be some underlying condition that needs medical attention.

Intestinal Parasites

These are commonly known as worms. The most common types of intestinal parasites are roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms. However, whipworms, stomach worms, coccidia, giardia, and toxoplasma are also some gastrointestinal parasites that can harm your cat’s health.

These parasites live in your cat’s gut and feed on the food your cat eats. Initially, parasites don’t harm your cat but in the long term, they can cause other illnesses and develop symptoms like losing weight and overeating. It is always a good idea to visit your vet if this is the case.


A simple blood test can diagnose hyperthyroidism in your cats. An overactive thyroid gland is the reason behind this disease and makes a cat always feel hungry. The illness can be treated with proper medication.


When your cat is suffering from diabetes, its body won’t be able to produce enough insulin to use up all the sugar that it is intaking. That said, your cat will feel a lack of energy and as a result of that, she will tend to eat more. If you already know your cat is diabetic, his high appetite is because of the disease. Consult your vet if you suspect the disease in your kitty.


If your cat is eating too much and you’re sure that your cat has not any physical medical condition, the culprit might be cancer. When in confusion, consult your vet and let him know about your cat and his behavior around the food and other symptoms.

Your Cat Is Not Getting Enough Nutrients

Clara from Cat Loves Best says, “Feline nutritional needs are different at the different stages of their life. That said, despite you feed your cat premium cat food to your kitten or vice versa, your cat isn’t going to get the right amount of nutrition. And the lack of nutrition will make them beg for more and more food.”

This also happens when you feed homemade food to your cat. The nutrient content depends upon the ingredients used inside. Moreover, you have to calculate the nutritional value of your food manually and add supplements accordingly. When your recipe is nutritionally imbalanced, your cat might feel more hungry.

Whining For Treats

You stand at your kitchen platform and your cat follows you till there and whine for a treat. This happens because that’s the spot you place the jar of her treats. Cats associate places, time, and your gestures with their food and treats. Moreover, the behavior can be prominent if you take a jar, shake it or open the lid because of their excellent hearing and smelling sense. If this is the case, you can start keeping the treat jar at some different place in your house.

Crying For Food at Scheduled Mealtimes

Cats are smarter than you think. Cats quite remember the time when he gets his food every day. Your cat might start meowing and crying when it’s time, but that doesn’t mean your cat is starving, and he might just be hungry.

If your cat seems too intimidated with the food and attacks you (not physically but maniacally), you can change the feeding spot. You can feed them in your garage or somewhere else out of the house or in a closed room. So, you can continue working while they eat.

The EndNote

The reason behind your cat’s abnormal behavior can be a psychogenic disorder, physical problem, ongoing medication or an underlying disease. However, sometimes it’s just normal and simple steps can make it right. But again, if you think your cat is behaving weird and is always hungry, it is a good idea to consult your vet. If you have any questions or want to share your experience, please comment in the comment section below.

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