Find real estate professionals taking care of your pets’ needs



This article was provides to Pet Guardian Angels of America by Craig Foxwell


Having pets? You’re probably the person who loves life, people and nature more than the usual people. Or at least that’s what most of the scientists say. And I believe them. Being that I know many people having pets. And they are great with no exception. And none of them hates anything or anyone. On the contrary, pet lovers share love with all the creatures! Therefore, if you like pets like I do, it’s certainly very important for you to find a home where you may keep them. Hence, if looking to buy a real estate, you’ll seek to find world real estate professionals to provide you with the best homes from that aspect. And there are pet-friendly realtors. You just need to be careful and spend enough time evaluating each of them. But when looking for the home, that’s essential.

How to find world real estate professionals taking pets under consideration

There are so much real estate agents that care about animals, especially about pets. Therefore, they specialised in pet-friendly real estates. So they always have a property for you as the pet owner. Seeking for world real estate professionals isn’t easy. But it’s not the hardest thing in the world. With a little effort, you’ll find the best realtor for your pet’s needs. And you’ll be in a home perfect for you and for your pet.

So here’s what you need to check when hiring a real estate agent, so you’d be sure that he’s into pets’ needs:

  • Look at the realtors networking- Check if the realtor is connected to some pets organisation
  • Consider their questions- When seeking to find world real estate professionals, pay attention if they ask you about pets.
  • Have a look at the marketing- The realtors truly seeking for pet-friendly homes have campaigns including pets

Networking is a good sign if a realtor truly cares about pets

Everyone might claim to be a pet lover. Or to take serious care of their needs. But if you really want to find a home that’s suitable for your pet, you’ll need to dig a bit deeper. When you search for a realtor, check their networkings, such as social profiles. Check if they are members or activists of some group supporting pets. Or at least have some similar interests, such as how to protect animals. It’s not 100% sure that if they’re not members of such groups they really don’t care about pets. But it’s more than sure that if they are, they are most certainly gonna consider your pets’ needs when making suggestions for your new home.

Pay a special attention to what the realtor asks you

True pet-lover is the only right choice when looking to find a world real estate professional for your new home with pets

Truly professional real estate agents are gonna ask a lot of questions. Those experienced enough definitely ask a question or two about your pets. But you need to be clever here. Looking to find world real estate professional takes patience and wisdom. You must know if the realtor asks you some question because he/she really cares about your pet/s, or just to get under your skin. So you must be focused on the way the questions are asked, to see their eyes, the movement of the body, the tone of the words coming out etc. And the easiest way, but not the most certain, is to pay attention how often they ask you about pets and how detailed those questions are.

You definitely won’t put your future home destiny into the hands of a phoney.So learn how to discover one. On the other hand, you really want to hire a pet-loving realtor. Those real estate agents are gonna seek for the best home for you and your pet. Not only for a profit but also because they love animals! And the home they find for you will be the best possible under given circumstances. Be sure of that.

Marketing’s also an important field when it comes to seeking to find world real estate professional taking caring of your pet.

Check on the realtor marketing campaigns. Are there animals? Check on their web pages. Are there stories about pets? If some realtor truly cares about pets, he/she didn’t start to care a couple of days before you came to them. If they really pay special attention when it comes to families with pets, then they used to have commercials with the pets. They wrote articles about animals and how to take care of them. There are special segments about animals or pets on their web pages. If that’s the case, then great! You probably found the realtor for you. If it;s not, then you probably didn’t. I’m saying probably because this is not something that guarantees anything.

If you find a pet person among realtors, you surely find the suitable home for your pets!

There could be realtors writing about animals or having campaigns with them just because they know there are a lot of pet owners out there. I mean, just look at the politicians. Before the elections, they love everyone and everything. And as soon as they get the power, they forget everything besides their own interests. And consider realtors some kind of politicians. Being that their basic desire is to make the sale. Not your need, nor the need of your pet. In most cases. There are exceptions, of course.

So, how actually could you know for sure that you found the real world real estate professional who truly cares about my pet?

Well, first, there’s no way you can know for sure. But you can be more or less convinced that you’re about to hire a true pet loving realtor. We suggest you combine all of the aforementioned ways of finding a world real estate agent who cares about pets’ needs. That way, if they don’t really care about the pets, you’re gonna be able to catch them lying in at least one of three aforementioned stages of the checking. And when you do, test your conclusion to see if you’re right. Also, if you don’t find any omission in their story of loving pets, test your conclusion again. Buying a home is a big deal, so act according to that, and be sure the home you buy is as good for your pet as it is for you!