Taking Great Dog Photos

Tips On Taking Great Professional Dog Photographs


Many people love their pets and treat them like family. That’s why including dogs in photos or taking photos of dogs specifically has become so popular. Of course, snapping a shot of Fido is a little different than your traditional family photo, so you might be unsure of where to start. You’ll see all these characteristics when browsing professional dog stock photos. If you can stick to these guidelines, you’ll take great photos of dogs, even if you’re not a professional. Of course, proving yourself as a pet photographer can also mean repeat business.

Keep Them Comfortable

Dogs can feel uncomfortable in strange situations. Even if you go to the client’s home, you’re still a stranger. With people, you can direct them to do what you like and stand where you direct, but dogs are different. To help them feel more comfortable, go to them. Getting down to a dog’s level can also help you take better photos. It’s completely different to view a pet eye to eye than from above or afar. If you can snap a shot of the world from the dog’s point of view, it produces a memorable picture.

Zoom In

Use your long lens to get a close-up of the dog’s face. Pictures that depict the details of a beloved’s pet facial features and fur are especially memorable, especially because we so rarely see our pets that close up. Natural lighting is one of the easier ways to show those details. The way diffused sun shines off of a cat or dog’s fur a breathtaking glow, and natural shadows add depth to a photo.

Focus On the Eyes

Just like with humans, eyes are important. Your photos should show eyes in crisp focus. Of course, eyes should be clear, and a gaze directed toward the camera help to produce better photos.

Portray the Dog’s Personality

  Some dogs are thoughtful and serious. Others are shy. Some like to play. No two dogs are exactly alike, and this gives you the opportunity to show the dog in a light that actually represents the character of someone’s pet. Instead of trying to force a dog to sit still, take a few quick shots of the pup doing what she loves best. This practice is evident in the great royalty free stock photos of dogs and pets.

Pick the Right Time

Depending on a pet’s personality, you may want to show them active and energetic. Visiting during the middle time is ideal to capture those moments. On the other hand, if you want a more gentle shot, you can schedule your shoot appointment after the dog’s natural sleep cycle. Sleepy pets are often more docile and easy to handle.

Furthermore, you may need to set aside extra time when working with pets like dogs because animals can be erratic and hard to control. The longer time you have, and the more patient you are, the more likely the dog will relax.

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