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A large, dominant dog – The Akita

Best Dog Breed for Me Series – This Weeks Breed?

Is “the best dog breed for me”, one that is a large, dominant dog, that is protective of his or her pet-parent. Then you may want to read on to see what this weeks Best Dog Breed for Me Series has in store for you.

This large dog breed originated from the northern mountain region of Japan. There are two distinct variations
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of this breed. They have a short double coat and some people will mistake them for a husky. Have you guessed the breed yet?

Without further ado, let me introduce you to “the best dog breed for me” – Akita.

Picture provided by Wikipedia
Female Akita

This dog breed is very hardy, powerful, independent, and dominant breed.

The two variation of the Akita is the American Akita, and the Japanese Akita.

Photo provided by Wikipedia
Left – American Akita
Right – Japanese Akita

This dog is a very good cold weather dog.

They have a unique tail; that goes over the top of their back and curls down towards their hip.
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Akitas are not know for being particularly friendly with other dogs of the same-sex. They can also be distant towards strangers.

However, due to this dog being powerful and dominant: some countries have targeted it as a dangerous dog. It is my belief that just like pit bulls, these dogs are getting a bad rap too.

I would not recommend this dog breed for a first time dog owner.

Due to this being a powerful, large, and hardy breed, you need to know what you are dealing with from the start. Training this dog is necessary from the very beginning.

Photo Provided by Wikipedia
Male Akita Puppy

They are marked as a dangerous dog, and in the same sentence you will hear they also have an affinity for children. Again, I have to say they are getting a bad rap.

Caring and grooming needs for the American Akita are easy as long as you are consistent; they are considered a low maintenance breed. Akita’s are very much like cats in the sense that they love to groom themselves, and keep clean.

However, with that said, I will tell you they do shed a lot, and I do mean a lot. Have a good vacuum, and expect to wear Akita hair on your clothes. Two are three times a year it will seem like they shed more than usual. Give them a daily brushing to help reduce some of the shedding. Bathe every few months, depending on the needs of each owner it can be more often.

The Akita’s Size, Temperament, and Activity Needs

The Akita dog breed is very alert to it’s surrounding. They are powerful dogs with a lot of substance and are heavy boned. A full-grown male American Akita weighs between 100 – 130 pounds and is 26 – 28 inches in height. The full-grown female American Akita weighs 70 – 100 pounds and is 24 – 26 inches in height. The Japanese Akita’s are slightly smaller and lighter.

They have a broad head that is triangle-shaped, small eyes and erect ears that seem to form a line with their neck. As previously mentioned they have a large curled tail.

This is not a hyperactive breed, but the Akitas do need regular physical activity. Keep this dog breed on a regular exercise routine and you will have a happy dog.

Becoming a Pet Parent to An Akita

Photo provided by William JPW

If you should decide to become a pet parent to an Akita, please first try adoption from your local shelter. Many Akitas are surrendered to shelters, because first time dog owners don’t know what they are getting into, and just don’t know how to handle them.

If you do go through a breeder, do your homework. Get referrals, ask many questions, and only deal with a reputable breeder. You must do your due diligence. Find someone who has gotten a pup from this breeder and ask about his or her experience.

As with all large breed dogs, Akita’s are prone to joint dysplasia and bloat.

These are beautiful, strong, faithful dogs, but you need to do your homework and be prepared for this large, and dominant dog.

Photo provided by William JPW

In my usual fashion, and to give you as much information as possible, I have a video from Animal Planet’s Dogs 101 so you can see just what you will be getting as a pet parent of an Akita.

It is very important to do your homework on the Akita Dog Breed. I have given you the basics of this breed, but I would recommend speaking with an Akita owner, or a dog trainer that has dealt with training Akitas.

They can make for a wonderful, and loyal dog for the right person. Are you that right person?
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The AKC’s website has a section called “You vs. The Akita” How similar are you? This may help you with additional information on the dog breed, and if it is the right dog for you.

In Summary:

Picture provided by Wikipedia
Japanese Akita

“The Best Dog Breed For Me” – The Akita

  • Is a large dog – full-grown weighs 70 to 130 pounds
  • Japanese Akita’s are smaller and lighter
  • Two variations – The American Akita and The Japanese Akita
  • A good cold weather dog
  • Unique tail that curls
  • Some people mistake them for Huskies
  • Powerful dogs
  • Exercise regularly
  • Some Countries consider them dangerous dogs
  • Not recommended for 1st time dog owners
  • Training is necessary right from the beginning
  • Groom regularly – bathe when necessary
  • Extreme shedder – and two to three times a year shed even more
  • Broad triangle-shaped head, erect ears, small eyes, curled tail
  • Try adoptions first as many are surrendered
  • Do your due diligence if you go through a breeder and use a reputable breeder
  • This is a large breed dog prone to joint dysplasia and bloat
  • These are beautiful, strong, and dominant dogs
  • Do your homework before adopting an Akita

For more information on the Akita visit the website

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