The American Bulldog

Registered by UKC (Guardian Dog) and NKC
Tanner’s Mulligan of DBR “Toby” Dream Bulldog Ranch

Today’s American Bulldogs are the result of the breeding programs of Allen Scott and John D. Johnson. The Johnson (Classic) type is a larger, wider dog with more bone, pendulous lips, an undershot jaw, facial wrinkles and a shorter muzzle, resembling an athletic, tightly built, white Bullmastiff. The Scott (Standard) type looks like a large, coarse, leggy, white Pit Bull.

American Bulldogs are high energy athletic animals ranging from 60 to 100 pounds average. They make good family dogs, but require a good piece of property and secure fenced yard. They can be highly intelligent and are being used in a wide variety of working sports from companion dogs to protection/K9, weight pull and the classic hog catching. They can have a high prey drive and often require more than a basic obedience class. Experienced dog owners are reccommended for this breed. See the NKC web site for complete Standards.

Capable of being a gentle, loving family companion who is fearless enough to face an angry bull or a human intruder.  The personality of the AB will depend on whether you want a “working dog” or a “family dog”, and you need to find a breeder that fits your needs.  Make sure you tell the breeder exactly what you want your pet to be.  Please visit Should You Own an American Bulldog? for a good description of the dog’s personalities.

Average Height(“‘s)
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Notes for owners
Short and smooth.  Sheds. Minimal Needs strong handler and able to be a loyal family pet and good with children.

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