The American Curl



Photos from MIHIT Cattery by Mrs Barbara DeAngelo

The current American Curl descended from “Shulamith” (early-1980’s) owned by Joe and Grace Ruga of Lakewood, CA.  This cat’s ears are it’s governing feature.  They are firm to the touch, erect and open, curving up in a gentle, backwards curl.  Its ears can be swiveled to point at each other.  A round face with a silky coat that lies flat; not bushy.  Long and plumed tail.

  • BREED TYPE:  Spontaneous mutation
  • BODY TYPE:  Semi-Foreign
  • COAT TYPE:  Longhair
  • SIZE:  Medium, 5 to 10 pounds
  • TEMPERAMENT:  Gentle and playful.  Inquisitive, but not intrusive.  Can be talkative.
  • COLORS:  Black, black and white, and brown mackerel tabby and white.

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