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Can you keep up with this Dog?

Can you keep up with this Dog?

The Australian Shepherd aka Aussie is definitely an active dog, that is deserving of a person or family that can give all the activity this breed requires.

Last week we talked about the Saint Bernard the Couch Potato Dog. This week we are going to review a dog breed for active people, hikers and the nature lovers alike that enjoy having their dog with them while they are on the go. Can you keep up with this dog?

The Australian Shepherd is a part of the herding dog group. They were bred to herd cattle, and can easily navigate tough terrain. These dogs just love negotiating rocks, boulders, and steep inclines.

This is a loyal and obedient dog breed with stamina enough to keep up with you, and enjoy doing it.

This breed must be exercised both physically and mentally. If you don’t they may become bored, and any dog that is bored can get into trouble. You know what happens then; chewed shoes, holes dug, need I say more.

They are very devoted to their owners. Aussie’s are very intelligent and can be easily trained because of their intelligence. Training them for all sorts of things, including tricks, will help with the mental stimulation.

They are great for dog agility courses, and if you enjoy a game of Frisbee, they will be happy to join you.

The Australian Shepherd is a medium size dog that has a solid build. They can weigh from 30 to 65 pounds. They have beautiful colors, black, red, white and a patchwork of blue or red merle. There are many variations of colors. They also have beautiful eyes.

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They will need regular grooming because of their double coat. If you’re out hiking with this dog, many bugs and pests can hide in their gorgeous coat. Ticks are definitely one of the nasties that will hide in this dogs coat. So, make sure you are grooming them regularly or they go to the groomers often.

If this is the breed of dog that interests you, and your active lifestyle you can check out the Australian Shepherd Club of America you can find more information on the breed, registry, breeder’s directory and more.

I am a big advocate of adoption, so be sure to check with your local shelters please, you may just find the perfect dog for you there. I have worked at shelters and they do get purebred dogs surrendered to them.

You don’t necessarily need a purebred Aussie; even an Australian Shepherd mix that has the activity level you are looking for may be the perfect fit.

I’ve included a brief 4-minute video below developed by Dogs 101 to give you more info about this breed, so you can decide if it is the right fit for you and your family.

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